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If you want to enjoy the latest technology, you need to buy an expensive tv. Furthermore, you can research TV brands comprehensively and choose a good budget TV that provides the latest technologies like an expensive TV. So, if you are not brand conscious, you can also go for an economical option.

TVs are becoming expensive as logistics prices have increased over the past few years. The travel trailer prices increased by 39.1% in the last two years. TVs are heavy items to move and tangible items, so big trailers are needed to move them from one place to another and from one state to another.

 First of all, you should look for the space and decide accordingly. You can go for 55 Inches Tv and above if you have a big room. If your room is medium-sized, go for 32 Inches To 40 Inches Tv. Lastly, if your room is small, I would suggest going for 22 Inches Tv. So it all depends on the size and space in the room.

We have put together a buyer’s guide to help you decide

According to the latest surveys, the Sony Master series is leading the market. Sony Master Series Z9K 8K Mini LED TV is one of the best options in the market. It has the best picture quality and sound quality. It has 8K technology which is the latest in the market. You can get the two options is this Tv, one is 85 inches, and the other one is 75 inches.

Sony Bravia is a brand of Sony Visuals Products. So the major difference is in the picture quality of Sony TVs and Bravia TVs.

It all depends on the size of the room. The recommended size is 32 inches; it suits medium size bedrooms.

It would be best if you kept a decent distance from the Tv while watching it. The recommended distance is 5 to 8 feet away, as you will feel more comfortable sitting at a distance of 5 to 8 feet.

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It would help if you sat 6.5 to 9.5 feet away from a 75-inch Tv. It is good for your eyes and ears to maintain this distance.

It would help if you sat 4.5 to 7 feet away from 55 inch TV, as it will not cause any eye strain.

We have put together a complete 55-Inch TV buyer’s Guide to help you decide.

You should sit 4 to 6.5 feet away from a 50-inch Tv; that will be a good enough distance if you watch a movie for long hours.

We have put together a complete 50-Inch TV buyer’s Guide to help you decide.

It would help if you sat 10.5 to 17.5 feet away from an 85-inch Tv.

We have put together a complete 85-Inch TV buyer’s Guide to help you decide.

 It would help if you sat 5.5 to 9 feet away from your 43-inch TV. Watching from this distance will keep you safe from eyestrain.

It would help if you sat 11 to 17 feet away from an 82-inch TV.

 Yes, Insignia TV has a Bluetooth connectivity option available on Tv. You can easily connect your Bluetooth devices with TV-like headphones and Bluetooth speakers and your mobile phone with your Insignia Tv.

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Yes, almost all Samsung TVs have a Bluetooth option in them. You can connect all your Bluetooth devices with your Samsung Tv. Like you can listen to music by connecting your Bluetooth headphones with your Tv. You can attach Bluetooth gaming headphones, your laptop, other devices, etc.

Yes, Vizio Tv has Bluetooth connectivity, and you can connect Bluetooth-enabled devices with your Vizio TV.

You can go into the settings area of your TV and find it from there. Just open the setting and go to connectivity, and there you will find an option of Bluetooth connectivity. Just select the option and pair it up with the desired device.

Go into the settings for your Tv and select the connectivity; from there, you can easily find which connectivity options are available on your Tv. There are different connectivity options like HDMI, Wireless, and Bluetooth.

You can easily find the option of Bluetooth connectivity option by

By going into the Tv settings and by going to connections or connectivity options.

The LG TVs manufactured before 2019 do not have Alexa as a built-in option. For using Alexa with these TVs, you can use it with the help of ThinQ Skill in the Alexa application. Once it becomes compatible with Alexa, you can use it easily, just like other devices with Alexa. Furthermore, the models manufactured by LG after 2019 have built-in ThinQ skills so that you can enjoy Alexa without any issues in new versions.

Research published in 2004 reveals that if toddlers watch Tv for long hours, it can cause attention problems like ADHD. A few publishers also mentioned that every hour toddlers watch Tv are at risk of attention problems by 10 percent by the age of 7.

Yes, TV effect the eyes if it is watched for long hours. If you watch Tv by sitting very close to the screen, then your eyes are more likely to hurt. If you maintain a proper distance from the screen and watch tv in suitable light, you are less exposed to eye damage.

Myopia refers to shortsightedness and near-sightedness. If you are watching Tv from close or far, it will not cause myopia at all. It is a misconception that if you watch TV, it may cause myopia. The only aftereffects of watching Tv from close are eyestrain, blurring, and headache.

Yes, the research shows that if babies watch Tv for long hours, it can cause Autism. There is a 35% chance that children develop a greater spectrum disorder ASD at a later age. The longer Tv watch time means less parent-child time, so your child is more vulnerable to developing symptoms of Autism at an early age.

Yes, Tv emits blue light a great amount, and especially LEDs emit blue light, which is harmful to your eyes. People who watch tv at night or in a dark room have experienced eye strain and blurring out often more than people who watch it in the morning.

Yes, research shows that Tv is one of the main causes of speech delay in toddlers. Watching too much Tv makes them quiet, and they don’t learn to speak as they can’t practice speaking. They are just listening and listening to their favorite programs.

If you are using the latest smart Tv, you don’t need a Roku separately as they have built-in Roku technology in smart TVs.

Yes, watching tv is bad for babies under 1 year of age. It is not recommended at all to switch on the Tv in front of a newborn baby till 1 year. It affects their eyes badly. Reports have shown that it has turned newborns blind as well. So always be very careful towards your baby while watching Tv.

No Tv is not furniture; it is considered an electronic device. However, a TV table is considered furniture.

Yes, Tv is considered digital media.

Yes, Tv is considered educational when we watch educational-related movies and documentaries on it. Many educational institutes have Tvs in their TV rooms, and kids watch different educational movies on them.

No smart TVs have built-in aerials, so there is no need to attach an aerial to a smart TV.

Smart TVs come with built-in applications like Alexa, Netflix, and other entertainment applications, so if you feel that these applications serve your purpose, you don’t need an extra cable box. If you are particular about watching channels that come through satellite, you will have to connect a cable box with your smart Tv.

No TVs don’t use a lot of electricity. The average usage of a Tv ends up using 109.6kWh of electricity annually. So you can get a bill ranging from $15 to $16 per year for watching television for a few hours daily.

Yes, watching a lot of television in the middle ages can cause brain health-related issues later.

To watch Twitch on Samsung smart TV, you need a device that can run the Twitch app. Unfortunately, Samsung smart TV doesn’t come with the Twitch app preinstalled. This means you should look for other options to enjoy Twitch on your Samsung smart TV.

The Step by Step guide can actually help you ahead of this

As far as sources of outputs and inputs, the primary concern to pay special mind to is HDMI. You will need to get a television alongside ARC, which enables your sound to stream to an A/V receiver or soundbar. 

The majority of the TVs we featured have in any event one of those ports, just as at any rate three all-out HDMI ports, thus, there is an abundant amount of inbound picture and sound channels for the games consoles, set-top boxes, and Blu-beam players in your setup.

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Yes, OLED TVs are good for the bright room when we check their healthy features. Such TVs require the least power, thus are environmentally favorable. Moreover, OLED TVs have good viewing angles and deep black levels, proving the best for your eyes.

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The answer is definitely yes because with 75 inch screen you enjoy the lifelike picture quality with exceptional sound quality and the smart features.

We have put together a complete 75-Inch TV buyer’s Guide to help you decide.