Tubi TV app is an excellent streaming service where you can watch plenty of movie shows on news channels, but many people have complained that their Tubi TV app is not working on Samsung Smart TV, which can be because of several reasons.

 There can be a Wi-Fi issue or a glitch in a particular video. This article will share top solutions that you can try if your TV is not working on a Samsung Smart TV

Tubi TV is Not Working on Samsung Smart TV solution

What to do When Tubi TV is Not Working on Samsung Smart TV? 

#1 Restart the Application 

This is the most basic solution, and we assume that you must have done it already but still mention that if you are facing a problem with your Tubi TV application on your Samsung Smart TV, then the best thing you can try first is to try to restart the application. Exit the Tubi TV app on your Samsung Smart TV and then wait for a few seconds to relaunch it. 

#2 Power Cycle the Devices 

Power cycling the connected devices in the process is the best way to fix the glitches or problems occurring in applications for a particular device. If you have the Tubi TV app on your Samsung Smart TV, you must have an alternative streaming device: Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, or anything else. 

This solution demands you to power cycle each connected device, which means you have to turn off the streaming device that you’re using and your Samsung Smart TV. Next, you have to unplug the router and switch off your Wi-Fi network. 

Wait for one or two minutes before you plug all the devices into the outlet again. At last, you have to turn on your Wi-Fi connection Samsung Smart TV external streaming device and then relaunch the Tubi TV app on the TV. Make sure you do everything slowly and do not rush the process.

#3 Clear the Cache of Tubi TV App

The cache is one thing that creates issues in the working application, so you have to make sure that the Tubi TV app does not have a cache if you want it to run smoothly on your Samsung Smart TV. To clear the cache of the Tubi TV app on a Samsung Smart TV, you have to go to the settings menu on your television. 

You have to look for the apps and then system apps on the settings page. The cache thing will only work if you have a new Samsung Smart TV model and the Tubi TV app is inbuilt. 

But if your version is older and you’re using a streaming device, then you can skip this solution. You have to look for Tubi from the system apps, and when you open the application, you will see the GB of Cache the app has. Tap on clear cache and then the OK button. 

#4 Reinstall Tubi TV 

The last solution you can try if the Tubi app is not working on your Samsung Smart TV is installing the application and trying again. When you reinstall the application, better software with proper updates will be downloaded to your Samsung Smart TV, and it might fix the clutch or the issue that the app is facing. 

Reinstalling the Tubi TV app is straightforward; all you have to do is delete the application first and then go to the app store, search for the application, then download it again. 

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Wrapping it Up 

Tubi TV app facing glitches or issues on Samsung Smart TV is not a very new problem; whenever the application’s software becomes old, then applications tend to create issues. With the solutions that we have mentioned above, you will fix this problem instantly. 

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