TCL 3 Series Review

Here we are again with one of our best television products to amaze you with its fabulous features that must be known for someone looking forward to purchasing a brand new TV. Once you know what this amazing product has to offer, you can compare it with other multi-national brand’s products and choose wisely.

This television comes with a full HD screen and a Dolby sound speaker, most needed in any TV. So, after reading this TCL 3 series 32-inch review guide, you decide whether you want some high-priced product or an all-in-one affordable product.

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TCL 3 Series Tv
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TCL 3 Series Tv

tcl 3 series review
Display32 inches
ResolutioFull HD 720p
Display TechnologyLED
Weight8.2 pounds
Dimension28.8 X7.1 X 18.9 inches
Refresh Rate60 Hz
PriceUnder 150

Main Features of TCL 3 Series Tv

Smart organization of streaming platforms:-

The organization and application setting of this new TCL TV model is unbeatable because it has been built with an amazing algorithm that learns by itself what you like to watch the most. It lists your favorite shows one by one such that they are easily accessible to you. Apart from that, TV console comes with a button that can take you directly to your favorite watching platform.

Excellent Connectivity:-

This television was marked the best in terms of connectivity because its range of connectivity is of next level and from such far range also it captures with data so smoothly. Now let us talk about Bluetooth connectivity to connect with any device having Bluetooth in it and that also from far off range. We recommend you connect this product with any Bluetooth speaker and test its output.

Voice and other modes of control:-

This TV can be controlled in many ways, but one of the most attractive ways is that it can be controlled using the human voice; what you need to do is go into setting and make this TV learn your voice, and it will work on your voice command only. This product also offers you old-fashioned TV remote for this purpose which is also like a computer mouse and can move on your screen like a cursor.

Capability for multitasking:-

This one of the most needed features for the person who can do multiple works at a time; multitasking means that you can open numerous windows at the same time and work on all of them together. For example, you can watch and Netflix show along with working on your school project.

Connectivity with other computers:-

This TV provides you with three HDMI outputs, allowing you to connect your television with more than one computing device and let you work with all of them together. If you are in an office, then you can connect your computer with all your employee’s computers and keep an eye on the work they are doing instead of going and asking them now and then.

Speakers and sound:-

The speakers and sound of those speakers must be checked before purchasing any TV; if you are not looking forward to spending money on any sound system, this feature will interest you. This model’s speakers are made and designed very carefully with precision, and they provide the sound just like the one in theatres, and you can also switch modes of sound in between.


  • This TV is the latest 2021 model with almost every new technology and that also at an affordable price.
  • It comes with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options and can be paired with Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • It can be used with a voice control system, and you can command what you want by directly speaking to the TV.
  • This model has HDMI and USB ports, but the more special thing is that it has a headphone jack.
  • It is very light-weighted and slim so you can fit it anywhere.


  • As it is an affordable product, the plastic quality used is not so tough.
  • The four edges of this product are very delicate and must be handled with care.
  • It is not compatible with Home-Pod or Apple devices.
  • 5K viewing is not possible, and MacBook can’t be paired.

So, this is where we end our TCL 3 series 32-inch review, and we hope that our article was helpful to you, and now you will be able to choose your brand new TV carefully. Hence, if you choose this TCL TV for any purpose, it will be ideal as it is the latest model of all.

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