Sony XBR85X900F Review

Right now, the X900F is fantastic television. It has outstanding picture quality, with deep black depths, bright highlights, vibrant, realistic color, and excellent video processing. The design is simple and modern, and there’s also the fact that the brand is Sony which promises great quality. Any doubts regarding this product can be resolved by reading the following Sony XBR85X900F review.

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Sony XBR85X900F 85 Inch TV Review
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Sony XBR85X900F 85 Inch TV Review

sony xbr85x900f review
Display85 inches
Resolution4K HDR
Display TechnologyLED
Weight106.2 lbs
Dimensions15.68 x 75.25 x 46.38 inch
Refresh Rate120 Hz
PriceUnder $3500

Main Features of Sony XBR85X900F TV

Outstanding Picture Quality

If you are a night owl and love to binge-watch during the night time then this product is definitely for you. Because of the excessive native contrast ratio and amazing local dimming support, this product is a great 4k TV with amazing picture quality, particularly in a dark space.

Truly HDR

The TV shines in HDR thanks to its ability to produce clear, vibrant highlights. Blacks are deep and consistent, and dark scenes benefit from local dimming. The image quality is excellent, and the colors are true to life right out of the box. The smooth viewing of 24p movies is a plus.

Next Level Gaming Abilities

The Sony X900F is a fantastic gaming machine. Although the input lag is appropriate for gaming, it does not support variable refresh rate (VRR) technology. It has a high contrast ratio and strong black uniformity, which is ideal for gaming in dark environments. This 4k television shows 720p and 1080p content well for those that game on older consoles.

Great for PC Use

It’s a fantastic TV for using with a computer. Because of its short input lag and outstanding motion management, the X900F seems sensitive. It supports chroma 4:4:4 for transparent text on both backgrounds, but the viewing angle is low, so the screen darkens at the edges when viewed up close.

Amazing Motion Handling

The Sony XBR85X900F is one of the few televisions showing such great motion handling technology. . Thanks to the quick reaction time and ability to flicker the backlight to clear up motion, motion handling is also outstanding. The biggest disadvantage is the small viewing angle, which means that the highest picture quality is only available to people who sit directly in front of the TV.

Sturdy Stand

The stand is sturdy and provides enough protection for the television. It’s large enough for a soundbar to fit in between the two knees. There’s even cable control room at the rear of the legs, which most people would appreciate.

Super Brightness

SDR peak lighting is excellent, suitable for even a bright space. Since the smaller window samples are lighter than, the larger ones, the TV’s local dimming does a decent job of enhancing bright parts of the screen while other areas are dimmer.

Even in HDR, the brightness has been consistent. Since most of the scene in HDR material is normally fairly dark as opposed to SDR content, the TV’s local dimming can enhance highlights to be very bright, the TV’s local dimming can boost highlights to be very bright.

Voice Control

Alexa and Google Home are also compatible with voice control on this TV. With Google Home, ask your TV to cast and monitor YouTube videos or change the channel or volume with Alexa. Speak into your remote to play your favorite movie, check the score of your favorite team, and monitor your TV and even your home with the built-in Google Assistant.


  • Uniform and deep black
  • Super Brightness
  • Motion Handling at its best


  • Poor viewing angle

This Sony XBR85X900F review should have clarified all of the functionality of this product for you. If you are thinking about buying this display, this analysis will help you consider all of the important aspects before deciding.

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