Sceptre 32-inch 720p LED TV

Display 32 inches
Resolution 720p
Display Technology LED
Brand Sceptre
Weight 9.65 pounds
Dimension 28.78 X 16.97 X 2.95 inches
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Price Under 150

Main Features of Sceptre 32-inch 720p LED TV

Motion estimation & motion compensation:-

MEMC 120 is the short form for motion estimation & motion compensation; this is a unique technology of this product only, which allows the very smooth frame-to-frame transfer of the picture or video. After applying this technology, the monitor has become one of the smoothest ones, and besides that, it comes with a 60 Hz of refresh rate that increases the speed of a monitor.

In case there is some buffering in the video because of an internet connection, this television will try its best to stay connected with the internet and provide you with continuous watching.

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Energy Star V7.0:-

The U.S environment protection agency and the U.S Department of energy are government organizations that take care of the environment and many other things. They also test the electronic products whether they are environment friendly or not. If any product is certified with Energy Star V7.0 by any of the above-mentioned U.S government agencies, then it makes sure that this particular product is environmentally friendly and won't harm its surrounding. Energy

Star qualified product will never release harmful greenhouse gases responsible for causing the greenhouse effect and global warming. The energy star is done by a marking system set by the US government, which implies that the more energy star the product has is directly proportional to the more environment-friendly the product will be.

Mobile high-definition link is sometimes referred to as MHL that tells you if the product is compatible with your mobile phone or not. This is very smart technology built-in most of the new generation smart televisions. This monitor has very much upgraded one mobile high-definition link that allows almost every mobile phone or tablet out there in the world to get connected to this product easily.

It does not matter if you carry an Android device or an iOS device. If your mobile has a suitable application, it will get connected. Once your mobile phone or tablet is connected, you will be able to stream or screen mirror anything on your device without buffering.

HDMI and USB ports:-

Generally, all these television only comes with the HDMI interface or USB type interface, but we all know this product has much more to offer at a very affordable price point.

Hence, it comes with both of these ports: HDMI and USB ports; this will come in handy when you want to connect your television with more than one output. HDMI port will help you connect this product with attachable CPU or other monitor devices, whereas USB out is very much popular nowadays, which will help you connect your pen drives and many other devices like hard-disk etc.

Display and its design:-

This Sceptre television has very bright and latest display technology which is LED and has an HD resolution of up to 720p.

This display will allow you to adjust its brightness according to the surrounding; that is, if you are watching TV in daylight, then this product will increase the brightness so that picture is visible, whereas if you are watching at night time, then you can turn on the night mode which will reduce the blue light that harms your eye and reduce that brightness to the visible amount.

  • Very light-weighted product.
  • Affordable and comes to withstand.
  • LED display technology is used here.
  • It can also be used as an ideal gaming device.
  • Reduce blue light to help your eyes.
  • It can also be mounted on a wall.
  • Low display quality up to 720p only.
  • Only HDMI as a hardware interface.
  • Small size display of 32 inches.
  • A refresh rate of only 60 Hz.