Insignia 39 Inch TV

Display 39 inches
Resolution Full HD 720p
Display Technology LED
Brand Insignia
Weight 13.89 pounds
Dimension 8.74 X 34.84 X 22.28 inches
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Price Under 200

Main Features of the Insignia NS-39DF310NA21 Tv

Control your TV:-

Controlling and managing your TV is sometimes a total drag, so in this new edition of Insignia TV, there are some incredible changes that will make you love this product. Later on, you will recommend this product to everyone around you. This television offer you a voice control system on our TV so that you can simply speak to the television about what you need and it will get the work done. It also provides you with an amazing TV remote that comes with numerous buttons that will help you change the settings directly without extra effort.

Find your Favorites:-

With smart algorithm system used while manufacturing this device, you can now easily find your favorite things like app or shows on the top itself because this TV learns and understands what you like the most and organizes everything accordingly. The remote control that is provided to you also has a favorite button switch on it, so you will be taken to your favorite place by just pressing it.

Controlling smart home:-

Controlling your smart home is now pretty easy as you can now organize the applications and widgets just the way you arrange them in your mobile phone nowadays. You need to hold and press the application or widget that you want to move and then move it from one place to another using the remote, and one more interesting thing is that this remote works as a mouse of a computer.

Compatibility with Alexa & Google assistant:-

Connecting your television with your personal Google assistant or Alexa will take your television to the next level; you might feel like the Iron Man Tony Stark talking to Jarvis to get his work done. When you connect Google Assistant or Alexa to TV, it automatically shares your Google ID with TV, and when you search for something, it will be played from your account. For example, if you say, 'OK, Google play this song on YouTube, it will play that song on the TV YouTube app from your Google account.

Entertainment and fun features:-

When we purchase any electronic device, then its main or primary purpose is to provide us fun with lots of entertainment. You can also download many games on the TV directly and play them with your cousins and friends. Also, there are Netflix and Amazon Prime videos available for watching your favorite shows.

One remote for all-purpose:-

The remote controller that has been provided to you is no joke because it can carry out the things that you can't even imagine. After all, this remote can convert into a computer mouse and move like a cursor that is inside your computer.

  • You can make your TV order the food for you while you chill and enjoy your favorite show.
  • It will require fewer amount of cables and wires while setting the TV up.
  • You can connect this TV with your Wi-Fi or even a mobile hotspot to get things done.
  • It comes with eye protection technology that provides relief to the eyes at night time especially.
  • You can do multiple works simultaneously with the use of the multitasking option so you can work while watching your favorite show.
  • More HDMI ports are provided instead of USB ports.
  • It cannot be paired with Apple products like Macbook or iPhone.
  • You cannot stream a video quality of more than 720p.
  • Its TV stand and wall mounting accessories are to be purchased separately.