Are you trying to turn on Vizio Tv without Vizio Remote? Undoubtedly Vizio TVs offer amazing picture quality along with exceptional functionality, but what to do when you can’t find the manual remote. The most common solution to this problem is to push on the Power button. Well, for Vizio tv owners the solution is not that simple. Because Vizio has given all essential buttons on difficult-to-find places.

You might find these buttons behind the screen of the tv, or sometimes at the bottom. The reason for this stand is that the brand doesn’t want Built-in Buttons to disturb the smart frame of the tv.

And commonly, controlling the smart tv through a manual remote and smart app is preferable for people rather than finding the buttons. Here are some specific tips and ways you can use to turn on the Vizio TV without a Vizio remote controller.

Let’s look at some of the solutions of How To Turn On A Vizio TV Without A Remote.

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How To Turn On A Vizio TV Without A Remote

The first method of turning on a Vizio TV is using Smartphone app called SmartCast.

Turn On The TV With Smart Cast Smartphone App

The first and most easy way to control the tv without the remote is SmartCast App. Whether you have Android or IOS smartphones, it’s perfectly compatible with every device. Once you have the app on your smartphone, you won’t need to find or buy the remote anymore.

Smartcash app download it for Androide

Smartcash App download for IOS.

Follow these steps to pair the device with the smartphone.

Get The App

Download the app on the phone using Google Play Store if you have Android or Apps Store for iOS users. Find the smartcast app and download it.

Pair The Device With The TV

Now comes the pairing step, it’s super simple. On the top right corner, click on the Device option and then select the Add button. Keep the phone near the tv and wait for some time.

Adjust The Options

When the device is paired, you’ll have the Control Button on the bottom of your screen. Things don’t end here. Consider clicking on the Devices at the top corner. The, select the particular Display Screen, among other options.

Get Your Smart Remote Controller

You have the remote controller of Vizio TV in your hand, turn on the tv, or change the volume and channels as many times as you like with no hassle through the smartphone.

Turning On The Vizio TV Through PS4

Are you a competitive gamer, then you can turn on the tv and directly jump into the gaming mode without Vizio Remote? Sounding difficult? Not at all, it’s all about these simple steps, within minutes you’ll be smashing the game challenges.

Connect The TV With PS4

For this, you’ll need an excellent quality HDMI Cable. Don’t use the cheap one, it’s most likely to make things more complicated. Connect the PS4 with Vizio TV with the help of an HDMI Adapter and start the play station.

Change The Settings

Now it’s time to adjust the settings, go to the settings of PS4, and go to the System Settings. Click on the fifth option to allow HDMI Device Link, so it can work properly.

Turn On Your TV

At this point, your tv and PS4 are interconnected, turn on the PlayStation and your Vizio Tv will turn on indirectly. The major reason for this astonishing connection is the specific Input Of Enabling The HDMI Link.

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Steps To Turn On The Vizio TV With Nintendo Switch

If you have a Nintendo Switch, then you can switch on the tv with the help of this small sturdy device as well. You must think how? Well, here are some essential things to do:

Connect Through The Dock

Dock plays a major role in this procedure. Connect the Vizio Tv with Nintendo Switch through the dock. Once they’re connected, on the Home Screen you’ll have the Settings icon to the bottom left. Click on the icon to adjust settings.

Change The Settings

When you click on settings, the list of various settings options will appear. Scroll down to the TV Settings and choose Match TV Power State. Here ends the struggle to turn on your Vizio TV with Nintendo Switch.

How Does It Work?

You can surely turn on the tv through Nintendo Switch but can’t control its system. Whenever you start your Nintendo switch, tv will turn on automatically. Here comes a little disadvantage, you can’t change channel and volume settings with this compact device.

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How To Turn On The Vizio With Built-in Buttons?

Like we said earlier, it’s hard to find built-in buttons in Visio TVS, but using these buttons to turn on the tv is the simplest solution. Not just you save yourself from certain complicated steps, but it’s timesaving as well.

Built-in buttons include Power, Channels, and Volume ones. Access to these buttons is pretty hard because they’re located either on the backside, at the left corner, or right side. It depends on certain models.

Is It Possible To Turn On The Vizio TV With Xbox One?

Most of the time people try to turn on the Vizio Tv with Xbox One but is it possible? The answer is no, without a remote you can’t do this, but you can do one thing, start the tv with Integrated Power Button first, change the following settings, and next time your TV will turn on automatically through Xbox One.

  1. Select the Guide option on the left corner of the screen.
  2. Go to the Settings, then select the All Settings option.
  3. Choose the OneGuide among the list, then click on Device Control.
  4. You’ll have the list of various devices, select the TV to set up the procedure.
  5. Let the Xbox One detect the tv, if it detects successfully do the last step and press the Next button.
  6. If Xbox One doesn’t recognize the TV, click on the Enter Button and insert the manual tv code.

Now you don’t have to find the power button to turn on the Vizio TV, you can do it with Xbox One effortlessly without the manual remote.

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