Do you need to reset your Hisense smart TV urgently due to some technical problems or reasons but your TV remote is broken or not working? You might be wondering what you can do to solve this problem without involving a TV remote. Well, the answer to your curiosity is that it would be a lot easier to reset the TV if your remote is working but still you do not have to worry even if it does not work.

The reason that we are saying you do not have to worry or be concerned about this issue anymore is that we are here to help and solve this issue for you. We researched every bit on the question “how to reset Hisense smart TV without remote?” and explained three different methods in a simple and easy way so that you can use these methods to reset your TV without remote and can be at ease and comfort while solving this resetting issue.

How to reset Hisense smart TV without remote?

Before you reset your smart TV, we must aware that resetting your TV will delete all your data, accounts, downloaded apps, and will change all the settings to default. So, you need to make sure of all the things that you could lose while resetting the TV. Resetting a TV can solve some problems like lagging, changing settings to before, or erasing unnecessary data that is causing a load on your smart TV.

The general method to reset any smart TV is that you plug the TV to give it the current and then hold the power button from the TV for 10 to 15 seconds. Next, you need to take the cable out of the switch so the current can stop and you have to wait for 1 minute or more. Then plug the TV back and turn the TV on.

Method # 1:

To reset your Hisense smart TV, you need to find a small hole located on your TV with the label ‘reset’. The reset option available on the TV set does not come with a regular button because you can get in trouble if it is mistakenly clicked or pushed.

The reset button on the TV is located underneath the case. So, to press the button and reset your Hisense smart TV, you will need a thin wire-like material that goes into the small hole and presses the button. You have to keep pressing the button for 15 seconds and your smart TV will reset. It will start loading as it did when you turned for the first time.

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Method # 2:

If somehow by any chance the first method does not work and you are unable to reset your Hisense smart TV without a remote then you can try this method. This method might take up to 10 to 15 minutes excluding the waiting time.

The first thing you need to do is unplug the TV cable from the socket and wait for at least 1 hour (60 minutes) or more. Then you need to press the power button located on the TV set for 1 minute (60 seconds). While pressing the power button, you have to plug the cable back into the socket or switch to give current to the TV. You have to keep pressing the power button for 1 minute more after plugging the cable.

Method # 3:

For the third method of resetting your Hisense smart TV, you will need to perform this task in the sequence as it is mentioned. If you do not carefully consider the instructions while following the procedure then we are very sad to say that it will not work and you will have to try it from the beginning.

First, you need to press the menu and volume down button located on the TV set. You may find the buttons at the bottom or on the sides of the TV. You have to keep pressing the button for 10 seconds and then press the power button while holding the menu and volume down button. You will see that blue light is flashed on the TV and then goes away.

After the blue light disappears, you need to let go of the menu and volume down after 10 seconds that you kept holding from the beginning. You need to wait for at least 10 seconds and will see the TV shows some kind of display.

Once you see the display, you need to unplug the cable from the switch. Next, you have to press the power button for 10 seconds and then plug the cable of the TV in the switch and turn it on. Your Hisense smart TV has been reset.

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As we reached the end of the article, we hope that your problem was solved and you have successfully reset your TV with the help of our guide “how to reset Hisense smart TV without remote”. The procedure is a little complicated so you need to follow all the steps with us so there is no chance left for a mistake. We also suggest you be careful while doing the task as it requires you to turn your TV on and off so it will be good if you take safety measures and precautions beforehand as it involves electricity and wires.

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