Did you buy a new Nintendo switch lite to enjoy playing games? Do you want to connect it to a TV for a bigger display and more fun? But you do not know how to set up your Nintendo switch lite and how to connect it to a TV?

All of these questions must be pondering in your brain to get the required answer so you can set up all the things, calm down, and start enjoying the games. Well, the process is a little longer as you need to charge the console of switch lite then set up the dock and go through the system setup procedure.

But you do not have to start panicking right away because we are here with a piece of good news for you. We came up with a solution to all your problems and concerns and that is our guide “How to connect switch lite to TV?” We penned down a very simple and easy method described step by step so it can be easy for you to do all the process and then enjoy your switch lite. You need to read this informational guide till the very end so you can get all the answers you are looking for.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect switch lite to tv?


This method shows you every step from the start of the process to the end when you are all ready to play games on your switch. We recommend you to follow all steps with us so there is no chance of a mistake being left afterward. Let’s begin with the process.

Step # 1: Unbox your switch lite

The first step you need to do in this method is to unbox your switch lite. You will find a number of things such as a switch tablet console, joy-con controllers (left and right), joy-con controllers strap, joy-con controllers grip, switch dock, AC adapter, and an HDMI cable. Make sure all these things are present in your box if anything is missing you can contact the company.

Step # 2: Assemble your switch

The next step is to join all the parts to assemble your switch so it can be started. You need to attach the joy-con controllers by sliding them in at the sides. Next, you have to open the back panel of the switch where ports are located for different wires to set up. You will see the ports are labeled as AC adaptor, USB, and HDMI ports. Attach the AC adaptor that came in the box with the switch. Also, attach the HDMI cable from your TV to connect it to the TV later.

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Step # 3: Set up your switch

After attaching all the cables, leave your switch on the dock to charge. When the switch is charged completely, remove it from the dock and on it from the power button that is located on the top of the console. The switch will let you choose between different options to set your account. First, you need to select your desired language. Then you need to choose your region.

Accept all the agreements to proceed further. After agreeing on the terms and conditions, you need to set up your Wi-Fi by adding the password so it can be connected to the internet. You will see a list of time zones, select one in your region and your switch is all set.

Step # 4: Connecting to a TV

The next thing we have to do is connect your switch to a TV. After selecting you will see a dialog box with options to connect to a TV or to skip. Select Connect to the TV from there. You need to remove the joy-con controllers from the console and use the HDMI cable to connect them to the TV. Use the buttons that the console shows to proceed to the next steps and set up your device with TV. After setting up, you need to put the console in the dock for the last step.

Step # 5: Sign up for an account

The last step of the procedure is to create an account for your switch online so your data of games can be saved. The console will show the next button and press it to move forward. You need to select the icon that will be shown on your profile. There are some options you can choose from.

Next, you have to choose a nickname for yourself. The nickname will be shown on your profile and in your game. You can use any name you want. You can add a user or skip it for the time if you do not want to add another user. You need to press the home button on joy-con and you are all set.

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As we saw everything step by step about how to connect switch lite to TV, we hope that you were able to understand everything and cleared all your confusion about setting and connecting. The best practice that we recommend to you so there is no chance of any mistake is to follow every step with us so you do not forget anything later and mess things up. It will be easy for you

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