Sometimes when you need a thing it stops working or gets lost magically. Does this happen with you also? We can assume that this also happens to you as you are looking for an answer to the question “How to connect phone to TV without Wi-Fi?” as every house has a Wi-Fi connection nowadays but it may have stopped working and you are finding ways to connect your phone and your TV. This can create a lot of trouble when you are in dire need of connecting your phone to TV but things do not work out.

You do not have to trouble yourself anymore because we are and always will be here to help you in such situations and problems. We researched every way and method of connecting phone and TV that does not involve Wi-Fi and then penned them down in a simple and easy way so it can be convenient for you to understand everything completely.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect phone to TV without Wi-Fi?

We are going to discuss three different methods that are very simple and easy. You can easily find all the components that are needed for these procedures at your home and it does not involve any technical difficulties or complications. All these methods will only take 10 to 15 minutes of your time and you will all be set for displaying your phone screen to your TV.

Let’s dive into the first procedure to move forward.

Method # 1: Connecting with USB cable

The first method that we present to you is connecting your phone and TV using a USB cable. You can also use a data cable that came with your phone or if you do not have a data cable or USB then you can easily find it from any nearby store. While buying a new cable, you just have to make sure that the cable you are buying is compatible with your phone.

For the procedure, take one side of the cable that comes with a micro-USB port and then plug it in your phone’s port. Now, connect the other side of the cable to the port available with your TV. You can find the port at the back of the TV or it may be located on the sides. Your phone is connected to the TV but you still need to set up your phone with the TV’s settings. You will see a dialog box on the TV related to the phone. Follow all the steps that your TV shows to set your phone with TV.

Method # 2: Using HDMI cable for connection

The next procedure in our list is using an HDMI cable for connecting your phone to the TV. Almost all TVs now come with HDMI support because they are made to display high quality and high resolution. You can also examine your TV if it comes with HDMI or not. You will only need an HDMI cable but if your phone is not compatible with the port that the HDMI cable offers then you can buy an HDMI adapter that supports your phone’s port.

Take one side of the HDMI cable and connect it to the port available on your TV. You may find the port on the back of your TV or it can be installed on the sides. Now take the other side of the cable if it supports your phone then attach the cable to your phone. But if the port is not supported by your phone then attach the adapter to the HDMI cable and then connect the adapter’s micro-USB port to your phone. Your phone is all connected to the TV.

Method # 3: Connecting using a laptop

The last method that we have is using a laptop to connect and phone. If you do not have an HDMI cable or a USB cable at the moment and do not have time to go buy then you can use your laptop as a component for connection. You might be thinking about how a laptop can be used to connect TV and phone. Your laptop acts as a bridge between your TV and phone. You just need two cables for this procedure and of course, your laptop.

Take your data cable that comes with your phone to transfer data or for charging purposes. Plug one side of the cable to your phone and attach the other side to your laptop. Now take another cable that comes with your TV and attach one side to the laptop and the other side to your TV. You are all set and can display your phone screen indirectly to the TV.

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We made a summary of the whole article so you can remember everything and recall when you need to connect a phone to your TV without Wi-Fi. You can use a USB cable to connect your phone and TV that is compatible with your phone. You can also use an HDMI cable with an adapter if your phone does not connect to an HDMI. The last method we described is connecting your phone to a laptop and then a laptop to the TV.

Concluding our article “How to connect phone to TV without Wi-Fi?”, we hope that you liked our effort and it solved your phone and TV connecting problems due to Wi-Fi not available or broken. Wi-Fi has become a part of daily life and routine that gets disturbed when it is not available or broken so it is much better to know different methods that do not depend on the availability of Wi-Fi. This seems difficult and complicated at first but when you try to understand how all things work then you will see it was very simple and easy.

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