Are you tired of looking at the small screen of your phone while watching movies and series? What if we tell you that you do not have to watch all these things on your small phone and that it would be great fun if you could watch all these series and movies on the big screen of your TV. Yes, you heard it right. This can be possible by connecting your phone to TV with Bluetooth and then sharing your data so you can access it on TV.

If you are confused and do not know the procedure of using Bluetooth to connect and TV then we bring you this easy and quality article that will help you connect your phone and TV as well as will help you clear your confusion and concern. We divided the method or process into different steps so you can follow the procedure easily and conveniently to get all the work done.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect phone to TV using Bluetooth?

As we told you that you can connect your phone and TV via Bluetooth to stream movies and series but we want to tell you more about this that you do not only stream and movies but can also share pictures, videos, and also other files that you want to see on a big screen. You can also play games on the screen of your TV by connecting phone and TV through Bluetooth and using your phone as a remote and TV for a large and comfortable display.


In this method, you do not need to perform any difficult task or need any things like cables or adapters for connection. You can do this method to connect your TV and your phone in only 5 to 10 minutes if you properly pay attention to our guide and follow it as it is described. The only thing you need to consider is that your phone and TV must have Bluetooth features if you are looking for how to connect the phone to the TV without using Bluetooth. Let’s start from the very beginning.

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Step # 1: Setting your phone

The first step of this procedure is that you need to set up your phone to turn your Bluetooth on for connection. First, you need to change the name of Bluetooth of your phone in the settings option so it will be easy for you to find and recognize your device while searching on the TV because usually, the phone comes with a specific numeric username that is difficult to remember and check for in the available list of Bluetooth.

Every phone has a privacy setting that you need to turn on before every connection so your device can be visible to others. After changing the name of your device’s Bluetooth make sure there is no privacy on your phone and your TV can find you for Bluetooth connection.

Step # 2: Setting your TV

After setting your phone, you need to adjust the settings of your TV so it can become available for connection. Like, we changed the name of the phone and privacy settings of the phone so it can be easy while connecting, you need to do the same for the TV. You can choose any name you like and recognize it in the list of available devices. Also, change the privacy settings so your TV can be visible to other devices for pairing and connecting.

Step # 3: Connecting phone and TV

The third step you need to do after adjusting the settings of your phone and TV, you need to connect them together through Bluetooth. You have to go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone or TV and look for the available devices to connect. If your device is not shown in the list then try searching for new devices by the scan button available in settings.

Once you see the name of your device click on it. You will see a dialog box has been opened to pair your devices so that you can share your data. Select yes to pair devices and once your devices are paired together it will automatically connect every time you turn your Bluetooth on.

Step # 4: Streaming videos or movies and Accessing other files

Your phone is all connected to the TV via Bluetooth but we added this last step so you can know how to share data and display your phone screen on to the TV. If you want to transfer any data like pictures, videos, movies, or any other file from your phone to TV then you need to select all those files and hit the share button to send them. After selecting the share option, you need to choose your TV as the receiver and it will start transferring everything that you selected.

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For the conclusion, we summarized all the important points and penned them down here so you can revise the process and can recall it when you start connecting your phone with the TV using Bluetooth. First, you need to set your phone and then your TV you need to connect them using Bluetooth. We told you how to stream on your TV from your phone and also discussed how you can share other files.

We tried our best to help you in this difficult situation and are hopeful that our article “How to connect the phone to TV using Bluetooth?” proved to be beneficial and solved your connecting problems and confusion. We recommend that you just follow the steps as we mentioned so that you do not encounter any trouble. We also suggest you take safety measures as you are involving electricity to turn your TV on.

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