Are you encountering some problems while connecting your Nintendo switch to a TV for a bigger display with the HDMI cable? There can be many possible reasons for this occurrence such as your HDMI cable might have been damaged or broken. One more possible reason can be that your TV is not manufactured with an HDMI port if you are unable to find a place in your TV to attach the cable. This can be really problematic when you are in dire need of connecting your Nintendo switch to your TV.

If this single problem can have multiple reasons then you also do not have to worry anymore because we also came up with multiple solutions for this problem “How to connect Nintendo switch to TV without HDMI?” so you can start playing your favorite games on a bigger and high-quality display for better experience and involvement. We tried our best to provide you with these methods and complete detail so it can be easy for you to apply them.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV without HDMI?

You do not need to put any extra effort or energy into connecting Nintendo switch and TV without HDMI because we made this super easy, simple, and convenient for you to follow every step with us. You will only require 10 to 15 minutes or less for each procedure to complete and start gaming again. Let’s dive more into the article to start with our first method of connecting Nintendo switch and TV without any need for HDMI cable.

Method # 1: Connecting via DVI cable

The first method of connecting Nintendo switch and TV without HDMI is to use a DVI cable. You can easily find different types of DVI cable manufactured by different brands and companies on the internet. Choose a DVI cable that suits your TV and is also compatible with your Nintendo switch. You can also look for cheap or affordable options if you are on a budget or do not want to spend more money.

To connect the Nintendo switch via DVI cable you need to plug one side of the cable into the port of your TV. It could be at the back or you may find it on the sides. Then take an adapter for converting the port type of the DVI cable and attach one side to the DVI cable and the other side with the dock of the Nintendo switch. You can also plug your headphones in your console if you do not want to disturb others with the game sound otherwise you do not need headphones for audio.

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Method # 2: Connecting via an adapter

The second method that we will be using is connecting via an adapter. Adapters are only used to convert the type and style of the port so it can be compatible with other devices. You will need a cable that is compatible with your TV and an adapter to convert the port and connect to the Nintendo switch. You can take any cable that comes with your TV. There are many different types of adapters that you can find on the internet at affordable prices.

Take the cable that is compatible with your TV and attach it to the port of the TV. Take the other side of the cable and attach it to the adapter. Now, connect the other side of the port in your dock of your Nintendo switch. If your TV supports AV, you can also get an AV plug that comes with a USB that can be attached to your console or dock in the same method as we used the adapter.

Method # 3: Connecting via VGA cable

The last method is especially for those who have an old TV that does not come with new generation ports and cable. Old TVs included a VGA port and cable instead of an HDMI cable. For this method, you will only need a VGA adapter. You can easily find a lot of VGA adapters on the internet and in the market and can choose one from them. You need to consider the type of VGA cable that comes with your TV so it does not create any problem later.

The first step of this process is that you take the VGA cable that is plugged in your TV and your set-up box. Keep it plugged in the TV but remove it from the set-up box and convert it to the VGA adapter. Now attach the micro-USB side of the adapter to your dock by removing the back panel. Your TV is now connected to a Nintendo switch but you have to adjust the input source on the TV from the settings by using a remote.

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No doubt, HDMI is the best option to connect your Nintendo switch and your TV but we covered these methods for you so you can still connect and play games if by any chance your HDMI is not working or is not compatible with your TV. We spared no effort in bringing you this informational guide in detail so it could be easy and effortless for you to understand and follow. We just recommend you to be cautious as adjusting or connecting these tables include electric work and should take precautions beforehand in such situations.

We are glad that this guide “How to connect Nintendo switch to TV without HDMI?” proved to be valuable for you in solving your concerns. Here is one last effort from us to help you as we conclude our article. Let’s revise every method so you can remember them at the time of applying. We discussed three different methods that involved the use of a DVI cable, an adapter, and a VGA cable for connecting.

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