Our step-by-step guide for how to connect Nintendo switch to TV without dock

Nintendo Switch to TV without Dock

The Nintendo switch got so popular because it can be used in two ways. You can use it as a portable console or attach it to the dock for other connections. You might have lost your dock or it may have gotten damaged if you are looking for how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV without a dock. The dock is very important for the Nintendo switch for charging your console so you can start playing your games again or connecting it to a TV so you can have a bigger display to enjoy games in full.

No doubt, the dock is an important part of charging and connecting your console but what if we say that you can still connect your Nintendo Switch console to a TV without a dock. Yes, you heard it right because we came up with a solution to your missing dock so you do not have to spend money on buying a new set. We wrote down the method of connecting step by step so you can understand and follow everything conveniently.Table of ContentsShow

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV without Dock?


If you do not want to connect your Nintendo switch with a dock to your TV then you should definitely have a USB cable or an HDMI cable to connect. For more convenience, we recommend you to follow this method step by step with us so things do not get complicated when you start connecting later. Let’s start everything from the beginning.

Step # 1: Unbox and Assemble Your Switch

The first thing you need to do is unbox your Nintendo switch and assemble all the pieces together. The things that regularly come in Nintendo boxes are tablet consoles, HDMI cable, joy-con controllers, dock, joy-con grips, and joy-con straps. To attach the joy-con controllers, you need to slide the joy-con controllers together on the left and right sides. Your first step of this process is done, let’s move to the next part.

Step # 2: Set Your Nintendo Switch

The next step is to set your Nintendo switch if you are operating it for the first time and have not set it up yet. You need to start your switch by pressing the button located on the top. Next, it will ask you to enter your data to set your account like what language you want to choose or in what region you are logging from.

It will ask you to agree on the license agreement, terms, and conditions to proceed further. Also, you need to add your Wi-Fi into your Nintendo switch so you can go online. You can add Wi-Fi by typing your Wi-Fi password and entering your password. This is it for the second step.

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Step # 3: Find the Right Cable

For the third step of this method or process of connecting the switch to the TV without a dock, you need to find the right cable for connection. You have two options to select from, one is HDMI cable and the other one is USB type-C cable. Most TVs come with an HDMI cable and the others include a USB port.

You need to check on your TV which port is available to plug wires. If your Nintendo switch or TV does not have your required port or wire you can also use an adapter to attach accordingly. You can easily find an adapter from any store or electric market nearby.

Step # 4: Connect to TV

The next step is to connect the device to your TV. Take the other side of the cable and attach the cable to your TV. You can find the port at the back of your TV or under the panel. After connecting wires, you also need to set your Nintendo account on your TV. You need to remove the joy-con controllers from the console and follow the procedure that your TV tells you to. You are all set to play games on a large screen.

Charge without a dock

If you are worried that your dock is not working then how you will charge your console. You do not have to worry about his situation because your console did not go to waste and you can still charge it without a dock. You just have to attach your USB cable to an adapter and plug it into any socket or switch to charge it.

You might need to check for different options to charge so you can know which option charges slow and which charges fast so you can act accordingly. You can use any power bank or laptop to plug your Nintendo switch and charge it. You can also connect the USB cable to any PC system for charging.

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As we have reached the conclusion, we can say that you have read the complete guide and we are more than happy to help you solve your connecting problems of the Nintendo switch. You do not have to waste your console and buy a new set of Nintendo switches if your dock is not working. Now you know what to do when your Nintendo switch is not connecting with a dock or when your dock is damaged.

We recommend you to follow all steps with us but if you do not have time to set your switch right now then here is a summary of our article on how to connect Nintendo switch to TV without dock so you can recall everything at the time of need. First, you have to unbox and assemble your switch then set your Nintendo switch. Next, you need to find the right cable to connect to the TV. We also discussed how you can charge your Nintendo switch without a dock.

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