How to connect mobile hotspot to smart TV?

It is not complicated or difficult to connect your mobile and smart TV via a hotspot but instead, it is very easy and just like setting up a Wi-Fi with a few different factors or things. After connecting your mobile hotspot to smart TV, you can use it as an internet device and can have access to all applications like YouTube, Netflix, or any other.


The method used to connect your mobile hotspot to a smart TV does not require you to have any tools, cables, or plugs. Also, you do not have to do any mechanical work. You can connect your mobile hotspot to a smart TV by just lying on your couch and barely moving your hand. It will only take 3 to 4 minutes of your time to connect.

Step # 1: Setting up a hotspot

The first thing you need to do is set and adjust your mobile hotspot of the mobile. You need to adjust some settings so your mobile can get suitable for connection. Go to the settings of your phone. Look for the networking option. Under the networking, you will find a hotspot.

You need to change the name of your device’s hotspot so it can be easy for you to locate afterward. Then change the password of the hotspot to something more convenient. Lastly, you need to change the privacy setting if there are any by default. You need to adjust them so your smart TV can show the hotspot in the list of available devices for connection.

Step # 2: Adjusting the settings of the TV

The second step of the procedure is to adjust the settings of your TV. You need to turn your TV on and then look for the settings. In the settings, you need to find privacy settings or networking settings so you can control who can connect to your TV and who cannot. Remove this privacy from the settings so it is easy for you to connect to your mobile hotspot.

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Step # 3: Connecting mobile hotspot to TV

Next, you need to turn on the data connection and hotspot from the settings of your phone. Now go to Wi-Fi connectivity settings on your smart TV and search for all the available devices. Select the name of your mobile hotspot that you set in the first step. Now, add the password and click on the connect button to start connecting.

Step # 4: Checking the internet

For the fourth step of this procedure in which we are trying to connect a mobile hotspot to a smart TV, you need to check if the internet is available and running on your smart TV. You can check the connection by playing a video on YouTube or run a game that works on the internet.

You can also open other applications such as Netflix, Spotify, or Google search to check the availability of the internet. If all of these things are working then you are successfully connected to the Internet and this is the last step of the procedure but if your network is not working then move to the next step of this method.

Step # 5: Solving connectivity issues

If your mobile network is not working or if you are having trouble connecting the hotspot of your mobile to a smart TV then follow these guidelines to solve the problem. You need to switch both your devices off from power and then restart them.

Once they are restarted you need to follow the whole procedure from step number 1 to step number 4, it will definitely solve your problem because restarting the gadgets will help them in starting all the things fresh and more effectively.

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We are very hopeful that our article “how to connect mobile hotspot to smart TV” proved to be beneficial for you and helped you in connecting your mobile and TV through hotspot. Now, you can enjoy the fast speed internet of your mobile network on your smart TV too to stream movies in high quality and high resolution without any lag and buffering. You can also play high-end games on a bigger screen by connecting a mobile hotspot to a smart TV.

To conclude, we prepared a summary so it can be easy and convenient for you to remember everything and recall every time you need to connect your mobile hotspot to your smart TV. First, you need to adjust the settings of your mobile hotspot and network. Then you need to set your TV. Lastly, you need to connect your mobile hotspot to smart TV just as you would do with Wi-Fi because your mobile has not become like a Wi-Fi device.