Do you want to show the screen of your laptop on the TV to share some important files like a presentation to your boss and colleagues but you do not know how to connect Mac to TV wirelessly? Well, you do not have to panic because it happens sometimes since every gadget is built and manufactured with different settings and technologies so it is difficult to know and remember all the settings of every gadget.

You can have a little problem as you need to look for a solution. But we are always here to help you save the day. We solved your problem and saved your time as we researched every bit on this matter and prepared a guide that will help you in understanding different methods that you can use to connect your Mac to TV without any wires or cables. We made it super easy and convenient so you do not have to face any problems in understanding.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect Mac to TV Wirelessly?

We are going to discuss two different methods in this guide. You can use the first method if you have an Apple TV and if you do not have an Apple TV then we recommend you to use the second method to connect your Mac with a TV.

As we described these methods for wireless connectivity, you do not need any extra tools or equipment. Both methods are very simple to follow and will only take 5 to 10 minutes to connect Mac with a TV.

Method # 1: Connecting Mac with Apple TV

The first method of connecting Mac to tv that we are going to discuss is for Apple TVs. For this procedure, you need to turn on both your Apple TV and Mac. You might need to adjust the settings or have to set up an account if you are using your Apple TV or Mac for the first time. You may be asked for some details to create an account on both devices. You might need to provide your name, email, password, region, time zone, and other related details.

You also need to give all the permissions and agree on terms and conditions if you are required to make an account. If you have already set your account on TV and Mac then you can skip this part. After all things and the account is set up, we can move forward. You need to locate the settings on your Mac. If you are unable to find the settings you can also search in the help or find bar available on the system. Once you have entered the settings of Mac, you need to find a tab with the label ‘System preferences’.

In the system preferences tab, you will see an option of ‘display’. Click on the display option to open it. After you have opened the display tab, you need to select ‘TV’ from the list of available devices that your Mac can be mirrored to. Your Mac is now connected to Apple TV and now you can show the screen of your Mac to a larger audience through a bigger screen of your TV.

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Method # 2: Connecting Mac to TV via AirPlay

The next and second method that we are going to discuss in the list of how to connect Mac to TV wirelessly is used for other smart TVs that are not manufactured by the Apple company. The first step of this procedure is that you need to turn your smart TV and Mac on. If you are turning both devices on for the first time, you might need to create an account to move further. We explained all the details of creating the account in method number 1.

After settling the problem with accounts, you need to make sure that your Mac and smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi so we can move forward. You need to open the mirroring app on your Mac which is known as AirPlay. Now you need to look at the available list of devices that are ready to connect. Find the name of your smart TV and click on it to connect your Mac with the smart TV. You can also adjust the settings in the application accordingly.

There are different softwares for different brands of smart TV such as you can use Smart thing app for Samsung, Air beams TV app for Sony, and many other apps that are available on the internet and you can download via the app store or the play store. You just need to consider which apps are compatible with Airplay that comes with Mac.

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We can assume that you must have read our complete guide on the topic “how to connect Mac to TV wirelessly” as you have reached the conclusion part of the article. We are very glad and hopeful to say that this guide has solved the connectivity issues of your TV and Mac by following the methods that we described. We discussed two methods of connecting Mac to a TV in which one was explained for Apple’s TV and the other was used to connect to a smart or android TV that is compatible and supports Airplay.

Most brands and companies such as Samsung, Sony, LG, and Vizio support Airplay so their customers do not have to face any troubles connecting their Mac to a smart TV other than manufactured by Apple. If your TV does not support Airplay then you can use cables and adapters such as USB cable and adapter or HDMI cable or adapter to connect your Mac with a smart TV. You can use any compatible cable that comes with your TV and is supported by Mac.

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