Things can get a little complicated or difficult when you buy a new electronic device like phones, tablets, computers, laptop, or a smart TV as every gadget or electronic device comes with completely different settings and manuals. This is because a company or brand manufactures products according to the new technologies they invent to provide their customers the best of all. You might have bought a brand-new Hisense smart TV if you are looking for how to connect Hisense smart TV to Wi-Fi.

This will be relaxing for you to know and all your tensions will disappear as we tell you that we are going to bring you a step-by-step guide that will help you and will lead you in a very simple and easy way to connect your Hisense smart TV to Wi-Fi. Yes, you heard it right. We did all the research work and penned down an easy way that you can follow to easily connect Wi-Fi with your TV without any problem or complexity.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect Hisense smart TV to WiFi?

We are going to present you with two different methods to connect your smart TV with the internet so you can get online and perform tasks that you want to. One of the two methods tell you how you can connect your smart TV wireless and the other method is to connect through wired settings. It is added in case you are unable to connect to your wireless network or your Wi-Fi device stopped working. Let’s begin with our wireless connection method.

Method 1 Connecting to network wirelessly

The first method is used to connect a smart TV wirelessly to a network. For this method, you will need a wireless connection or a Wi-Fi device with internet availability.

Step # 1:

The first thing you need to do is to turn your smart TV on. You might need to set an account on your TV if you have newly bought it and are starting for the first time. To create an account, you will be asked some details such as name, password, time zone, or region. After you have entered all the details and created an account, you can now use your TV. You can skip this step if you have already set up your TV.

Step # 2:

After setting up your TV, you need to locate settings on your TV. In the settings option, you will find a ‘network and internet’ tab. Select the tab from the remote to open it. Under the network tab, you can see the Wi-Fi connection. Select the Wi-Fi option to set up a new Wi-Fi connection or add a new one.

Step # 3:

To set up a Wi-Fi connection, you need to make sure your Wi-Fi device is turned on and completely set to connect with other devices. Turn the Wi-Fi option on from the tab on your TV and you will see a list of all the available networks to connect. Select the name of your Wi-Fi and add a password if you have any. You might need to adjust the settings of your Wi-Fi like security or mode etc. After all the setting is done, you are all connected to your Wi-Fi with your Hisense smart TV.

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Method 2 Connecting with a wired network

The second is used to connect your smart TV with the help of a wired connection so you do not have to wait if your Wi-Fi is broken.

Step # 1:

To connect your smart TV with a wired connection, you need to attach an Ethernet cable to the LAN port available on your TV. You can find the port on the back of your TV or it may be located on the sides. You also need to connect the other side of the Ethernet cable to an external modem. After connecting all the wires, we can move to the next step.

Step # 2:

The second step of the procedure is to set up an account on your smart TV. If you are turning your TV on for the first time then you might need to set an account on your TV to move further. We explained in detail how you can set an account in the first method. You can skip this part if you have already set your TV up.

Step # 3:

The next and the last step of the procedure is to set up the wired connection on your TV. You need to locate the settings option on your account. Once you have found it, you need to open it and then the network tab in the settings. After this, you need to go to network configuration and then look for wired connectivity. Select the LAN option to turn on wired connectivity.

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As we conclude our article “how to connect Hisense smart TV to Wi-Fi”, we are glad that we could help you in solving your problem of connecting your smart TV to Wi-Fi. We also penned down a wired connectivity method so you do not have to stay out of the network or internet in case your Wi-Fi device broke down or due to other technical difficulties. You just need to follow the method as we described so you can save your time as well as your effort.

If you are still confused that your smart TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi then you might need to check your device or your internet service provider as there can be some issues at the back end. We also suggest you be careful and take safety measures as both TV and Wi-Fi devices include wires and electricity. It is good to take precautions beforehand. We also recommend you to follow every step with us so it will be easy and you will not be stuck anywhere.

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