It is fun and amusing when you can watch your old videos and movies on a big screen with your family or friends to relive the moments you once enjoyed doing crazy things together. But the problem is nowadays everything is evolving and getting different. You cannot play your old videos any longer because the format of videos is not supported by smart TVs. You do not have to be sad about this thing anymore.

Because with our help you will live your precious memories once again by watching old videos on your new smart TV. In this guide, we bring you a very easy step-by-step method that will help you in understanding how to connect DVD player to Vizio smart TV. We made everything super easy for you so there are no complications left and you can enjoy whilst learning the procedure or method in simple steps.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect DVD player to Vizio smart TV?

Connecting a DVD player to a smart TV is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to be careful while plugging the cable in the DVD player and smart TV so you do not plug the wrong cable or wire in the wrong port.


To complete this method and to connect the DVD player with Vizio smart TV, you do need any extra tools or things. You just have to make sure that all the cables and wires that are needed to connect and came with a DVD player or smart TV are available. This method will only take 10 to 15 minutes of your time and you can again enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Step # 1:

Before you start to connect your DVD player and your smart TV, you need to make sure your DVD is running and do not need any repairing. To check your DVD player, take the power cord of the DVD player and plug it in a socket or switch. If your DVD player is working fine then it will show a small light at the front near the DVD area. Now unplug all the wires from the electric sockets of a DVD player and your Vizio smart TV so it can be safe for you to attach other wires.

Step # 2:

For the second step of the procedure, you need to determine different wires and cables to attach to a DVD player and smart TV. You need to plug one end of the yellow cable into the video output jack available on the back of the DVD player. Then you need to plug the red and white cables into the next port labeled as audio or sound jacks. You will find all these cables in the box with a DVD player. If by any chance, you have lost the cables or they are broken and do not work then you can also find these cables at any nearby store.

Step # 3:

The next and third step you need to do is plug wires into the smart TV. You need to plug the other ends of the wires and cables into the TV that you also attached to the DVD player. You have to make sure that you plug the right cables. Attach audio cable which is red and white into the audio jacks of the smart TV and video output cable that is labeled with yellow color into the video interference port of your Vizio smart TV. You need to plug the power cords of both a DVD player and smart TV into the sockets to pass current.

Step # 4:

Now, it is the turn of the fourth step of this connecting procedure. You just need to adjust the placement of your DVD player and smart TV so it can be convenient and comfortable to reach both the gadgets and set them when needed. You can place them wherever you want and how you like them. We recommend you place your DVD closer to your smart TV so the cables are not stretched and do not loosen up because of the large distance. Because then again you might have to start all over and connect all the cables. You should also not place your electronics on top of each other because they can get heated up and cause trouble.

Step # 5:

The last step of the procedure is very easy and would not take much of your time. You need to set your smart TV and DVD accordingly. You need to turn your TV on and locate the settings. Once you have located the settings, you will see a display tab in the settings. Click on the tab to open and adjust the settings of your DVD player like resolution, quality, interference, and other things. Now, you are all set to watch your movies on a DVD player.


Since we concluded our informational guide “how to connect DVD player to Vizio smart TV”, we are very happy that it proved to be helpful in solving your concerns regarding connectivity issues. As we suggested before, you just have to be cautious with cables and wires being rightly plugged in the ports and sockets. Then you just need to set up your DVD and smart TV by adjusting some settings and you are all done to watch movies or recorded videos.

We should also tell you that you need to take all the precautions and safety measures while following the procedure as electric currents can be dangerous and this method involves wires, cables, ports, sockets, or plugs. So, we recommend you to be careful and stay alert while adjusting and setting wires because it is good to be careful beforehand than regretting later. Have a good day connecting and enjoying your DVD player.

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