Computer and Smart TV have both become an essential commodity in our day to day life. In the newly created pandemic situation worldwide, working and entertainment are both dependent on remote accessibility of data through the internet.

 We are engaged with the internet while working at home; we are watching movies and special series though streaming content. Now we would like to watch the streaming contents in our Smart TV and if need be, we would like to see the PowerPoint presentation of your office that you have created in your computer in your TV as well.

Now the question is how to connect the computer to Smart TV wirelessly. In this article, we would provide you with some useful tips so that you can connect your Smart TV with the computer with least effort.

Connect Computer To Smart TV Wirelessly

The Prerequisites​

Firstly, you would have to check that your Smart TV is compatible with your desktop computer or your laptop. Check out whether the Smart TV has built-in Chromecast or Miracast, which is an essential feature of all modern Smart TV’s. If your TV has these above-mentioned features, you can generally mirror the content on your PC on the screen of your Smart TV.

If your TV does not have the above-mentioned features but can connect to a wireless network, you can buy a streaming device like Roku or other similar devices so that you can connect to the PC wirelessly.

1) Wirelessly connecting through Chromecast​

  • If you happen to own an Android TV which is powered by Chromecast, you can see any Chromecast enabled window app on your TV. Many Windows apps are supposed to support the Chromecast including Google Chrome, Netflix and Spotify. If you have a Google Chrome web browser, it can easily show the streaming content from any website on your TV. It also helps to mirror the entire screen of your PC on the screen of your Smart TV.
  • Connect your PC with the same Wi-Fi network as your Smart TV. Please note that both the computer and Smart TV should be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Open the app or website on your computer that you want to cast on your TV. If you are using Google Chrome, you should click the Three Dot Menu and select the “Cast” option. If you are using some other browsing engine, the cast option is usually located at a different place but almost always symbolized by an icon of a TV with three curved lines at the bottom left edge.
  • Suppose you want to see Netflix on your TV. You should start playing the streaming content with your computer and then pause the stream to bring the button on the screen. You would find the cast icon at the top or the bottom of the feed.
  • You can cast the entire browser tab or you can cast the entire screen by clicking “Cast to” and then select cast desktop. You can also cast the video or music file by clicking the arrow next to “Cast to” and select the “Cast file” and then choose the file you want to select.
  • Finally, you select your Smart TV from the list and then you will get to see all the websites or apps that are open on your PC.
  • To stop casting, once you have done with it, in case of Google Chrome, select the Three Dot Menu at the top right corner and then press “Stop Casting”. This will automatically disconnect your Smart TV with your computer. If you are using some other app, pause the streaming so that the icons come up. Now select the cast icon to disconnect.

2) Connecting the Computer with Smart TV using Miracast​

  • Firstly, you would have to make sure that your computer and Smart TV is Miracast enabled. The Miracast supporting devices are Roku and many Amazon fire TVs. It may be noted and Miracast is often called screen mirroring or simply mirroring.
  • Miracast is supported by most of the PCs and notebooks that are enabled with window 10 or 8. To find out whether your PC is Miracast enabled you have to open the windows search bar and type connect. Then click Connect in the search result. If your PC shows that it is ready to connect wirelessly, it means that your device is Miracast enabled. If your device does not support Miracast, you would have to buy a Miracast adapter to plug into your computer’s HDMI port.
  • The next step is to make sure that your TV and the computer are connected to the same WiFi network. If you want to cast your PC’s entire screen on your TV and still be able to work on your computer, select Duplicate. You can choose the PC screen only to select from the multiple displays from the computer screen.
  • Depending on the settings of your devices, you may see a code on your TV that you may enter on your computer. After entering the code, a process called pairing is done and eventually, you will able to transfer data from computer to Smart TV. So, using a Miracast, you can connect your computer with your Smart TV wirelessly.
  • After you have done with it and you want to disconnect your computer from your Smart TV, click the notification panel and then click the disconnect button next to your TV or streaming device.

Connecting a Smart TV with the computer has become an imperative under the present situation. Having the smart devices ready at hand and knowing a few effective ways to use them to connect to work or play would enable you to use technology to the best of your needs. Whether working at home or watching streaming content on your Android TV, these simple devices mentioned above can work wonders.

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