It is fun when you connect your phone to a large screen like a TV so everyone can easily see without having to make a crowd on a small screen of a phone and you can share a pleasant and loving moment with your family or friends by seeing your old group pictures or playing fun videos. If you have not tried this till now with your family and friends then you really need to do this once so you can know how enjoyable a gathering can get with old memories.

Since you might be thinking that it seems amusing and fun but how can you make this possible with an old TV and an android phone then we are here to present you with different ideas and methods that can help you solve this connection problem and make your family night entertaining. We will be discussing some of the methods in this article that are very easy so you can know how to connect android phone to old TV without HDMI.Table of ContentsShow

How to connect android phone to old TV without HDMI?

Old TVs or non-smart TVs do not come with an HDMI because they are unable to support high resolutions and advanced technology that is necessary for an HDMI. To solve this problem, we came up with some ideas that do not include an HDMI and are valid for both your old TV and your android phone. These methods are described below in detail. Let’s get started with our first method.

Method # 1: Using Chromecast device to connect

Most non-smart or old TVs do not include new generation features like casting your phone or miracast but it does not mean that you cannot see the contents of your android phone on your old TV. No doubt, these TVs are not built on new generation technologies but companies came with a solution for such people as you so nobody feels left out and can enjoy casting features.

Many brands are now manufacturing Chromecast devices that can easily connect to your old TV with a plug-in and do not need any extra maintenance or attention. You just have to connect the cable into a port on your old TV and connect the device to the same Wi-Fi with your android phone. You need to make sure that you select the right device that fulfills your needs and conditions.

After attaching the device to the TV, you just have to turn the casting on from your android and select the name of your Chromecast device from the list of available devices to cast. You are all done and can see your phone screen displayed on your old TV.

Method # 2: Using a VGA or a USB adapter

The second method that we have is to use a VGA or USB adapter to connect your phone without an HDMI cable. Most of the old TVs come with VGA output so that means you just need a medium that can connect to your phone and the VGA cable.

The solution to this problem is an adapter. You need to find the right adapter related to your concerns and conditions. A lot of VGA adapters are available on the internet at a reasonable price. You can also use a USB adapter in the same way.

You need to take the adapter and connect the micro-USB port to your android phone while you need to take the other side and connect it to a cable that goes to your old TV or you can directly attach the other side of the port that is available. Your phone is connected to the TV and you can use it as you want.

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Method # 3: Using Miracast

The next and the last method of this connection guide is using Miracast to connect your phone to TV. It works the same as cast or Chromecast but it is especially for devices that unfortunately do not support Chromecast. This application is available on older devices so if you have an old phone with a 4.2 or less version then this will be a good option.

To connect your phone and TV, you need to make sure that both devices are installed with the application and are connected to the same Wi-Fi. If you do not have the application you can download one from the play store.

Next, you have to open the application and go to settings. Check the settings for turning cast on or toggling the screen mirroring option. Click on the option and you will see a list of all available devices to cast your phone. You need to select the name of your TV and it will only take seconds to connect your phone.


For the conclusion, we prepared a summary of what we learned in the guide and what methods we discussed so you can revise everything now and recall it later at the time of need. We discussed what you can do by connecting a phone to a TV and how you can make boring gatherings into fun. We told you three methods of connecting by using a Chromecast device, miracast, and using a VGA or USB adapter.

As our article in which we describe how to connect android phone to old TV without HDMI came to an end we are optimistic that it was worth your time. It might seem difficult when you read it for the first time but as you try to understand it and follow every step with us, you would come to know that it was very easy and you were just stressing out yourself all in vain. You just have to carefully choose a method that suits you best and the rest is simply following every step of the method.

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