In order to set up a connection users need to:

● Search for their Wifi Name and the Password. You can also use the Voice Remote to say “Show me my Wifi”. This will easily show your network name and password on the tv screen. ● Make sure that your wireless devices have the latest software installed before they are connected to the internet. ● For a smooth connection, users may have to alter their gateway settings such as the parental controls, security and firewall.

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Steps to connect smart TV to Xfinity hotspot:

In order to connect smart tv to Xfinity hotspot, follows the simple steps given below:

  1. Click on the network settings of your smart tv and click on the menu.
  2. Select on the Wireless option (or Wifi option). Then wait for the tv to recognize the access points which are the available networks available in the area.
  3. Scan through the list of networks and click on the one that belongs to you. In case the device is unable to scan for any available networks, you can type in the name of your network and search for it.
  4. After the access point has been identified, put in your Network Key which is the Wifi password that the device will ask for.

Once the users are an avid part of the XfinityWifi network, they can easily connect their in-home wifi with a number of devices. However, for a smooth internet connection, make sure that your smart tv has good reception which is an important factor that influences the smooth running of videos and tv shows.