Samsung has its significant class, which is why it’s standing in our top picks even in contrast total of six TVs. The reason for choosing TU8000 is its outstanding lag-free feature with automatic gaming mode, specifically for gamers. Its 4K image resolution in a budget-friendly range makes it a clear win!

Are you a Nintendo fanatic and want to experience gaming through Nintendo Switch? If you’re looking to get your hands on the top-notch television for Nintendo Switch, you’ve got you! We are truly aware of the Nintendo requirements and how this multiplayer console demands a large, 4K screen to connect. And why not? It befits the company’s honor!

We have shortlisted the best TVs to connect to your gaming switch and also presented our top picks. So, let’s get started without another thought!

List of the Best TVs for Nintendo Swtich are as under.

  • SAMSUNG Class QLED Q90T Series TV
  • LG Nano 8 Series, 65-Inch Smart TV
  • Hisense Class H4 Series, 40-Inch Smart TV
  • SAMSUNG Crystal Ultra HD TU-8000 TV
  • TCL 6 Series, 55-Inch QLED Smart TV
  • TCL 55R617 UHD, 55-Inch Smart LED TV
  • LG 65-Inch Class OLED TV

Best TV for Nintendo Switch Comparison Table 2022

1. SAMSUNG Class QLED Q90T Series

Screen Size:55 inches
Resolution:4K Ultra HD
Processor:Quantum Processor 4K
HDR:Quantum HDR 16X
Motion Rate:240
Connectivity:Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB

If you’re searching for a top-notch quality TV for Nintendo Switch, we highly recommend you purchase this Samsung Q90T series 55-inch TV. This new addition to the Samsung family since 2020 has amazed all of us. The smart TV comes in a sleek design that is sufficient enough to attract gamers at first.

Whoever is fond of enjoying video games on a large screen wouldn’t think for another second before buying it. Furthermore, its ultra HD 4K screen, along with a 240 motion rate, makes it an incredible invention. Besides, the adaptive picture feature optimizes the screen colors for you. Check on the features below to know more!


  • Now it’s pretty easy to get entertained while playing games, watching movies, or using apps on the big Q90T’s 55-inch screen.
  • The smart TV displays an ultra-viewing angle to improve picture quality for you along with reducing glare.
  • Customers find the tracking sound quite attractive as the company installed four speakers, automatically adjusting the sound.
  • Moreover, the built-in Alexa feature has your back! You no longer have to get up or use the remote to change channels, open the apps, play music, etc. Alexa will do it for you!
  • Sleek & attractive design
  • Enhanced 4K quality
  • Excellent in adjusting brightness/contrast
  • Perfect for gaming
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • A bit expensive
  • No connecting box

2. LG Nano 8 Series, 65-Inch Smart TV

lg-65nano85una-65-inch-nano-8-series tv
Screen Size:64 inches
Display Technology:LED
Display Type:4K NanoCell Display
Resolution:4K Ultra HD
Refresh Rate:Native 120 Hz
Processor:α7 Gen 3 Processor 4K

We have this great LG smart TV to get the most out of Nintendo Switch. If you’re finding a TV that exclusively supports 4K movies, heavy video games, and sports, choose this LG TV. It comes with an unbelievably large 65-inch LED screen, enhancing the picture quality. Moreover, the company is offering a nano accuracy feature to show you wide angles and blur-free vision. The advanced α7 Gen 3 processor is another excellent feature displaying a 4K upscaling!


  • You can enjoy playing video games or listen to music with a pre-built Dolby Atmos LG feature. It lets you see the ultra-vivid picture screen with complete optimization.
  • The nano-8 series smart TV has an astounding clarity with 4K AI upscaling. Hence, users can get a chance to concentrate more on whatever they’re watching without any streaming issues.
  • Moreover, the α7 Gen 3 processor powered with 4K performance makes it convenient for users to enjoy a more transparent, better, and smoother LED screen.
  • The Nano85 smart TV comes equipped with four HDMI ports options, an Ethernet cable, and three USB ports. You can choose whatever option suits you.
  • Compatible to 120Hz refresh rate
  • 2.1 HDMI ports supported
  • Screen never lags
  • Perfect color accuracy
  • Eye-attractive design
  • Poor contrast ratio

3. Hisense Class H4 Series, 40-Inch Smart TV

Screen Size:39.5 inches
Display Type:Ultra LED
Refresh Rate:60 Hz
No. of HDMI Ports:4
Connectivity Technology:Wireless

Looking for a TV that’s pretty inexpensive to buy but must also compete for your gaming sessions? Look no further than this outstanding Hisense Class H4 Series coming in different inches’ screen. It arrives with an exceptional 1080P video resolution and presenting you the seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. We wouldn’t recommend you purchasing this if you want a wide-angle of view as this feature in 40H4F is narrower. Let’s further read about its features in detail.


  • Now you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and Nintendo games through a blur-free, clear TV vision. It provides 120-image processing to minimize video issues.
  • The innovative 1080P smart TV is an all-embracing TV that fits all your needs: satellite, cable, streaming, Nintendo gaming, or others.
  • The company made it easy for users to manage the TV through their smart devices. It is built compatible with iOS and android for comfortable remote app access.
  • Furthermore, this Alexa-enabled 40H4F smart TV lets you use your voice to power up, turn on and off, select favorite channels/apps, and much more. Last but not least, the integrated DTS TruSurround is another mind-blowing feature relaxing you by providing a clear TV voice.
  • Falls in affordability
  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Displays an acceptable image brightness
  • 1080P video resolution
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Average motion performance

4. SAMSUNG Crystal Ultra HD TU-8000 Series, 55-Inch Smart TV

Screen Size:55 inches
Resolution:4K Ultra HD
Processor:Crystal Processor 4K
Motion Rate:120
Alexa Compatible:Yes
Connectivity Technology:Wireless, Bluetooth, HDMI, Ethernet, USB

This Crystal UHD TU8000 is another superb model by Samsung. Get your hands on this smart TV right away if you wish to get something at a budget-friendly price, displaying decent performance. The Samsung TV is a perfect fit for people fond of Nintendo switch as it has several connectivity ports. Despite a lesser refresh rate than other Samsung TV models, this one still provides a lag-free input. The outstanding motion performance will definitely convince you to buy the TU8000 series smart TV


  • Immediately grab this excellently built Samsung smart TV with an ultra-fast processor to provide a 4K display.
  • The technology has a high dynamic range of colors, letting people enjoy broad color spectrums even with darker scenes.
  • In addition, the Auto Game Mode (ALLM) takes you to another faster gaming world, efficiently optimizing the TV screen for you with the least input lag.
  • Besides Nintendo games, users can get entertained through the compatible Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney Plus apps.
  • Not only this, but the company designed this TV with a multi-voice feature. So, your exceptional TV can easily connect to Alexa and Bixby virtual assistances for voice control.
  • Superb motion performance
  • Alexa compatible
  • Beautiful color accuracy
  • Enhanced 4K quality display
  • Very impressive upscaling
  • Pretty affordable
  • It doesn’t provide a viewing angle

5. TCL 6 Series, 55-Inch QLED Smart TV


If you are wondering about ordering a mini LED screen, you can count on this 6-series TCL smart TV for Nintendo Switch. This explicitly designed TV comes with a 4K Ultra HD quality picture display to provide you enhanced clarity and bright colors. Similar to others, TCL also made this model compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance for your convenience. Moreover, people wondering about buying a TV with optimized dot technology can consider the TCL series-6, arriving in a large 55-inch screen.


  • Enjoy this brilliant product by TCL, offering you the high contrast control zone for color and brightness adjustment.
  • It further has the HDR vision with detailed clarity of whatever you’re watching or playing on the screen.
  • TCL has made our lives easier, especially for Nintendo lovers, through the mini-LED feature installed. It is eligible to provide an uncompromised uniform gaming screen, not bothering the surrounding lights.
  • Another fabulous feature of this QLED screen is its easy accessibility to sound. The TV is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant to help you monitor the system through your mobile app.
  • Now is the right time to seamlessly enjoy playing your video games without any delayed response time issue, input lagging, or blurred screen through the THX-certified game mode feature.
  • Excellent 4K upscaling
  • Convenient for gamers
  • Sleek design
  • THX-certified game mode
  • Easy voice control
  • Needs improvement in motion performance

6. TCL 55R617 UHD, 55-Inch Smart LED TV

Screen Size:55 inches
Refresh Rate:120 Hz
Picture Resolution:4K HDR
Platform Type:Roku TV Smart Platform
Connectivity Technology:Wi-Fi & HDMI

Another smart TV in our list of top TVs for Nintendo Switch is this TCL 55R617. It is a perfect fit for customers looking for an affordable LED screen with superb image quality. The company equipped it with the 4K HDR resolution, having a 120 Hz refresh rate, best for gamers. Moreover, it has a simple interface with the advanced Roku platform type to support different apps. Another fantastic property that the company installed is the HDR10 and Dolby top-notch vision for users’ satisfaction.


  • Enjoy a combination of excellently installed brightness, contrast, and vibrant color settings through the special Contrast Control Zones (CCZ) feature
  • Moreover, Nintendo lovers who’re tired of the “soap opera effect” on traditional smart TVs can simply buy this advanced screen with a detailed motion index of 120 Hz.
  • The beautifully designed smart TV has another feature of several connectivity ports at the back. Excluding the Bluetooth specialty, it adds external audio through either a digital optical cable, a 3.5 mm Jack, or HDMI ARC.
  • In addition, TCL made it user-friendly by installing the very convenient Alexa and Google Assistant feature to control the technology through an app.
  • Cheaper than other smart TVs
  • Best suits the gamers
  • Nice motion performance
  • High-quality 4K resolution
  • Good color reproduction
  • Complains about screen banding issues

7. LG 65-Inch Class OLED TV

LG 65-Inch Class OLED TV


Refresh Rate120
GamingVRR | ALLM | HGiG
Mounting TypeWall Mount


A Quick Gen 5 AI Processor

LG specifically installed a quick a9 Gen5 Processor in its OLEDs so users won’t go elsewhere. The fast AI lets the system detect every scene and boosts its picture and sound quality for better results. Who wouldn’t be the best processor for Nintendo Switch?

Create a Home Cinema with LG

As a game lover, getting a TV that can provide a cinematic view is considered awesome! The new LG OLED TV has a filmmaker mode to enhance your every moment into an incredible home theatre view.

Enjoy the Ultimate-Fast Gaming

Here comes another amazing feature that will draw the attention of every game fanatic! This TV arrives with multiple gaming factors like NVIDIA G-SYNC, VRR, and FreeSync Premium to take you to another world of joy.

Give Your Life a Boost of Brightness

Yet again, LG didn’t disappoint when it came to brightness. The TV has a pre-installed brightness booster max to work with AI Processor 4K, bringing life to your watching experience. The unique Evo panel displays the utmost bright picture, so what are you waiting for?

Pros & Cons


Overall, it’s a great TV for gaming and other videos due to the best 4K. Besides, the sound quality has good bass.


It’s a struggle connecting Wi-Fi to the TV.

Best TV for Nintendo Switch – Buying Guide

There are numerous TV options at a pretty affordable range with all essential features, then why these game-specific devices? A typical advanced TV might fulfill all your daily programs music requirements, but when it comes to gaming, one has to be very careful with his choice! Consider our informative buying guide mentioned below before purchasing the best TV for Nintendo Switch.

4K and Ultra HD Resolution

One of the fundamental elements while finding the best TV for Nintendo Switch is the 4K or ultra HD resolution. It’s a must-have! All Xbox series and games via Nintendo Switch arrive in UHD and 4K quality. When you’re already spending a significant amount on buying a new TV, it’s better to look for the one with this quality. It will help you play video games in full swing whenever you connect your gaming consoles with the big screen! Choose any of the TVs presented in this article as all are from reputable brands with one after the other excellent features!

Minimum Input Lag

It’s pretty challenging to figure out the possible input lag because no company would write this down in its specification. It all depends on your searching strength and capability that how much a TV displays its input lag. The first and foremost step is to shortlist the brands you would like to buy, and the following action is to test their performances.

If you are genuinely involved in reaction-based video games, choosing a smart TV with the minimum input lag would be an ideal fit. This advanced feature will conveniently allow you to play video games through Nintendo Switch without any buffering or lagging issues.

Advanced HDMI Ports

As you are interested in purchasing the best TV for Nintendo Switch, it’s essential to check its frame rate and HDMI port specification. The reason behind this is not all HDMI ports back up gaming boxes, and you’d end up wasting your money. Any true video game lover would have the know-how of Xbox One X launching that entirely runs on 60 frames per second with the support of a new HDMI socket. So, we suggest you find a TV with at least a single v2.0a HDMI socket compatible with a 4K display screen.

Besides, if you’re low on budget and want a masterpiece at an affordable range, it’s even more important to thoroughly check all the connectivity sockets to see whether it contains a v2.0a HDMI port/ports or not. LG stands among the top companies in displaying its digital devices, where one such is a smart TV for Nintendo Switch supporting the latest HDMI 2.1 port.

High Dynamic Range

This feature correlates with the 4K and ultra HD quality of a TV. So when you’re about to buy a TV with 4K resolution, make sure it also contains the High Dynamic Range. Both these functions together help a TV display gaming screens at a much broader and vibrant color level. Having a TV for Nintendo Switch, compatible with HDR, adds more excitement and fun to your gaming experience.

There could be multiple other factors that you might prefer while purchasing a new TV. It’s better to make a list of all requirements you wish to have for your new TV, so there is no regret left.

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