Best TV for Bright Room (Reviewed in 2022)

Getting the best Smart TV becomes pretty confusing due to the massive numbers of options available in the market. However, if you are planning to set the TV in a bright room, you should consider a few extra factors during the TV shopping.

At a Glance:

Yes, the best TV for a bright room should have a wide viewing angle and excellent reflection handling capability, so the content would be balanced in a different ambiance. Besides, decent upscaling and rich pixels on the screen would be a thoughtful step up for delivering a seamless watching experience in an extra bright room.

Hence, I have tested these best TVs for a bright room you can rely on and have the captivating watching experience. They are reasonable, full of exciting features, and offer stunning display performance.

List of the Best TV for Bright Room are as under.

  • Sony XBR49X900F TV
  • TCL 55R617 TV
  • TCL 50S425 TV
  • Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA TV
  • TCL 49S517 TV
  • SAMSUNG 49-inch Class QLED Q80T TV

Best TV for Bright Room Comparison Table 2022

DesignTv ReviewsRetailer
Best Pick1. LG OLED55B8PUA TV
Check Price
Staff Pick2. Sony XBR49X900F TV
Check Price
Budget Pick3. TCL 55R617 TV
Check Price
4. TCL 50S425 TV
Check Price
5. Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA TV
Check Price
6. TCL 49S517 TV
Check Price
7. SAMSUNG 49-inch Class QLED Q80T
Check Price


Best Pick
General TechnologyOLED
The backlight of LEDNot Present
Opt. Resolution4K
HDR CompatibilityDolby Vision+ HDR 10
Remote StyleFull Motion

When compared with other similar products in the market, this product offers many innovative features that include HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and HLG, among others.

Further, LG OLED TV offers various other features such as B8 intended to enhance the style of the premises and retain harmony with the theme. In addition to that, with ThinQ technology, the product incorporates Google Assistant App and becomes the center of attraction in a smart home. 

With the use of smart Volume control, it becomes easy to interact with LG Magic Remote and control various functions such as changing the TV Settings, searching for any product, switching to multiple data devices, and so on.

Further, with the Google Assistant app, it becomes possible for the user to control lighting settings, check weather conditions, view family photographs, and much more.

Not only that, with this product, you can also work with Amazon Alexa gadgets. Further, with this product, watching sports, games, and motion pictures goes to another level. This is mainly because this product combines α7 Smart Processor (Alpha7) with Auto-Lit Up Pixels to create vivid images, shading, and clarity.

Main Features Of LG OLED55B8PUA TV

  • With the ThinQ feature, LG’s OLED TV enables the incorporation of major HDR grounds such as HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision HDR film. With this feature, you can use LG’s propelled mapping innovation with a smooth flow of images.
  • With Dolby Vision, a Dolby Laboratories trademark, the product offers smooth pictures with ultra high hues and sharpness.
  • With the α7 Intelligent Processor, the product enhances the 4K HDR feature and offers a true to life experience. As every pixel can affect the product’s performance, the incorporation of ThinQ can improve the quality of details and shading while viewing the video.
  • Sports and motion pictures you watch on LG OLED screen include dark and blue hues; with AI ThinQ feature, the product uses the latest technology to manipulate pixels, make them brilliant and self lighting and enhance the viewing experience.
  • With Dolby Atmos feature, it is possible to get a voice that resembles a beast that thunders from behind, or a plane that flies overhead.
  • In addition to that, this best TV for bright room offers you an itemized and vivid sound experience that elevates your audio experience and immerse your attention (Dolby, Twofold Image, and Dolby Atmos is the trademark of Dolby Laboratories).
  • When considering design, the design of LG OLED TV with AI ThinQ feature offer elegance that not only harmonizes with the interiors of your home but also enhances it.
  • With the fine and thin structure of the screen, the product is suitable for table mounting or divider.
  • It is one of the best options for yours if you are looking for the best tv for a well lit room.


  • Sensational sleek design with tons of features​
  • This best TV for bright rooms glare has crystal clear display with a good warranty​
  • Brilliant pixels make the picture more clear​
  • The wide viewing angle of the picture can be seen in OLED TV​
  • Best TV for bright room has a slim panel with good screen display​


  • Colors are not bright like other TV’s​
  • Terrible audio lag can be seen just like in best 65 inch 4k TV for bright room​

2. Sony XBR49X900F TV

Staff Pick
Sony XBR55X900F 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Android TV with Alexa Compatibility
Dimensions53 x 7 x 30 inches
Tot. Weight19 lbs.
Batteries Specs2AA batteries

Listed as the best TV for a bright room, the Sony X900F offers the best 4K HDTV pictures features. With the incorporation of dazzling sharpness, contrasts, full range of dark shades as well as a high and unique range of hues, the product offers improved contrast, enhancement of vivid images, and brilliance in a thin screen.

This product offers astonishing and accurate hues on the screen, and Blue-Beam technology provides fantastic performance, especially in movies. This best TV type for the bright room is ably supported by a solid, flexible, and modern stand that can be controlled by remote control.

With this best TV for a bright room, you would get the best bargain that is available in the market.

Main Features Of Sony XBR49X900F TV

  • With innovative features such as 4K X Reality PRO, X1 Extreme processor, and PRO 6X dynamic range, the product offers not only heavenly splendor but also a premium 4K TV experience.
  • Further, it also offers a ground breaking technology that includes nitty gritty of various visual modes, whether you are working on a project, playing a computer game, or viewing a movie.
  • With the incorporation of TRILUMINOS and X Motion Clarity features, this best 55 inch TV for bright room offers clarity in quick movements with commotion control, as well as clear and sharp images whether you are watching speed skating or real life shows or movies.
  • With the 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping technology, the best TV for bright room offers an infinite shading array. Whether you are watching football or motion pictures, you get the best possible performance and amazingly clear images.
  • This best LED TV for bright room offers amazing sound control such as Google Assistant as well as Alexa.
  • Further, with your TV remote, you can control various functions such as changing channels, the volume of Alexa, and recordings with Google Home.
  • Some features included in this product contains 4 HDMI ports, Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and 1 USB 3.0. It contains one composite to provide you many choices for connecting and interacting with different electronic devices such as laptops, external hard drives, games consoles, and others.
  • The product kit includes batteries, sound, remote control, control line particulars (USB, 2 stick, level sharp edge, polar), table stand, client manual, IR Blaster, and brisk establishment direct or CUE extra.
  • Before installation, you need to note that the sort F projection of the inside wire of the association piece must be under 1.5.
  • It is one of the best 55 inch TV for bright rooms that is available in the market.


  • Stunning 4k ultra HD display​
  • Premium quality product​
  • Flawless design with a simple user interface​
  • Voice compatibility is the key feature​
  • Multiple inputs make this TV even better​


  • Vertical lines start appearing after use of a few hours​
  • Android TV software is too slow​

3. TCL 55R617 TV

Budget Pick
Dimension48*10*30 Inches
Net weight38 lbs.
Batteries2AAA batteries

The TCL Series 6 is the latest version of the best TV for a bright room that offers a technological edge with a plethora of features such as Dolby Vision, a striking metal structure, and brushes, as well as a full palette of vibrant hues.

In addition to that, it also offers an extraordinary 4K HDR picture execution with Roku TV’s award-winning Keen TV stage. With TCL Contrast Control innovative feature, it becomes easy for you to improve the picture quality through the division of the screen into 120 independent zones and makes a comprehensive difference with vivid and clear images.

Also, the use of IPQ motor for the models of this series offers real multiplication. Further, the use of HDR Pro Gamma leads to a considerable improvement in HDR execution.

With the use of the Roku working framework, it is possible to execute the best images with steady access to various input gadgets such as Blu-beam player, set-top box, and game consoles without any kind of instability through complex menus.

With the latest remote control, it becomes easy for you to execute various functions such as change channels, look for motion picture titles, play channels, or switch inputs just with your voice.

Main Features Of TCL 55R617 TV

  • The device has 3 HDMI ports, but my choice was to use PS4 Pro on HDMI 1 with Game mode, and it made a dynamic difference in setting on off.
  • The functioning of the Ethernet port was fantastic. Further, it was my thought that 10 by 100 would remain the moderate choice. However, during testing, I used both Ethernet and WiFi 802.11ac, and it was clear the speed of both devices was equivalent.
  • All HDMI ports have an AUTO setting by default. After a conversation with the company, it was clear that I need to change them to HDMI 2.0 if I used 4K HDR sources. I refreshed them to mirror that in the TV Menu, as demonstrated in the model.
  • The installation of speakers was confusing for me to even through HDMI ARC. To resolve this issue, I spoke with the company, and they could not resolve it.
  • You need to check the menu, where under the framework, you need to check the CEC and examine the gadget after it is connected with the HDMI ARC port. It would discover the soundbar, and the problem is resolved.
  • When speakers do not work due to any reason, you should not check the random sounds. All you need to do for a solution is to run the output located under the framework.

Software Details​

Latest Roku OS – When you use Roku, you have an idea of what you get as its functions. However, the current version does not offer a smooth flow when compared with the previous Roku Ultra version.

Although as far as route, development, and so on, fundamentally, it is the same as Roku Streaming Stick, sometimes it is somewhat slow when compared with the previous version.


  • Smart TV option streams many channels at the same time​
  • Smooth and HD screen display without any flaw​
  • 4K Ultra HD quality with better contrast and color options​
  • Google Assistant and Alexa compatible​
  • Durable and sturdy design​


  • Panels are substandard​
  • Vertical banding issue is present ​

4. TCL 50S425 TV

Weight22.6 lbs.
Shipping weight33.5 lbs.
Batteries2AAA batteries

Considered as one of the best and emerging brands for TV for bright room around the world, TCL offers the most innovative 4K models at a price which does not burn a hole in your pocket.

The manufacturers have streamlined various features related to 4K Ultra HD for the best TV for a bright room so that you can appreciate them.

You can seamlessly browse more than 5000 channels, including 450,000 TV programs and motion pictures, with subjects such as family programs, games, news channels, music, science, innovation, wellness programs, environment, and so on of this TV.

Playing 4K games on this TV is very exciting, and the addition of ROKU takes it to another level. So, when you logically look at this topic, you should be ready to take the risk. You definitely would not be disappointed and take it from me, who is truly exacting about the standards needed for a 4K TV, you will love this device.

Main Features Of TCL 50S425 TV

  • Overall, the quality of the best TV for a bright room is good, although the quality of lighting is lower when compared to other similar products. Still, the backdrop illustration and brilliance can be switched on together.
  • To get the best results, all you need to do is to change the image settings and actuate the play mode that would, in turn, lower the single outline catch, ideal for games.
  • The quality of in built speakers is excellent. Although the Roku working framework is included in the TV, to get the best results, all you need to do is to switch on to other modes such as Satellite TV, Game or PC. However, the start up time is in complete contrast with the previous LED and LCD screens I have in the workplace.
  • I will give this device 5 by 5 stars if you are looking for any game or office device in 4K. Further, this device also offers additional office space in 1080p, which is remarkable and remains a blessing from heaven.
  • With this TV, you can also watch Live TV if you have a USB port for this facility.
  • The features related to sound are sufficient. You can interface it with a Bluetooth speaker for a progressively dynamic sound. Further, I have also purchased an upgraded sound preset, and it is sufficient for my requirements.
  • The device also has a parameter for resolving the issues related to unnecessary sounds emanating from motion pictures.


  • Smart TV in TCL is so powerful​
  • Intuitive Roku TV interface​
  • 4k Ultra HD picture quality is amazing​
  • Brightness and contrast are up to the mark​
  • Google assistant + Alexa compatibility is there​


  • VESA mounting system is bad​
  • Terrible compatibility with gaming​

5. Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA TV

Weight30.6 lbs.
Shipping weight39.4 lbs.
Dimension10*44*28 inches

Enjoy your favorite programs by entering into the astonishing 4K world with the best TV for a bright room. Here, the intensity of every scene, show, and live event increase with upgraded picture quality and lucidity.

The product by Samsung amazes you with lifelike visuals to transform your living room. You just need 10 minutes to assemble the product kit and complete the installation.


  • This best TV for a bright room has a flawless display of ultra HD 4K processor​
  • Color shades are amazing with contrast and brightness options​
  • Remote has many features to operate TV with ease​
  • Delicate but a powerful machine​
  • The smart TV comes with a full guide​


  • Cable package is pathetic in Samsung TV​
  • Many issues are there in Samsung software​

6. TCL 49S517 TV

Weight26.6 lbs.
Shipping weight36.5 lbs.
Batteries2AAA batteries

Considered as one of the emerging TV brands in the industry, TCL remains one of the fastest-selling TV brands in the North American region. Founded 35 years ago, TCL offers fantastic products with budget-friendly price tags with the incorporation of the simple to-utilize TCL Roku TV.

With 4K Series TCL Roku, as well as the 5K series, the product offers exceptional 4X Full HD picture quality with an improvement in accuracy and lucidity when compared with other similar models.

 Moreover, the product offers Dolby Vision HDR to get accurate and precise shading. Further, the TV can upscale your favorite games, motion picture, and shows to 4K Ultra HD.

With a simple and straightforward interface, this product offers easy access to more than 500,000 TV streams, movies, Blu-beam players, link box, game support, as well as other gadgets without a complex menu or menu sections.

Main Features Of TCL 49S517 TV

  • With HDMI, the connection with workstations is good.
  • When compared to TVs in a similar price bracket, the sound of this TV is fantastic.
  • Although the connection of TV with my workstation was erratic, eventually it was sorted out.
  • Through ROKU TV, the device offers access to various tools that contain more than 500,000 TV programs and movies.
  • For stunning images, this device consolidates various elements such as shading, complexity, Dolby Vision, and HDR subtitles with 4K Ultra HD picture clarity.
  • It offers fantastic and dark picture quality with the combination of Dynamic Differentiation Control and Driven Backdrop Illumination.
  • With the incorporation of Dolby Vision HDR, the device offers brilliant and stunning visuals.
  • You can use Google Assistant and Alexa with this device.
  • With the NBP Photon TCL innovation feature, the product offers detailed shading on the TV display, thereby making the images stunning.


  • Smooth 4K Ultra HD sensational display​
  • Smart TV is an amazing giving a lot of diversified features​
  • Edge LED backlighting contrast looks good​
  • Strong panel with the slim design​
  • Alexa, Google assistant compatible​


  • Network and display errors are common​
  • Flickering on back screen issues are present​

7. SAMSUNG 49-inch Class QLED Q80T

SAMSUNG 49-inch Class QLED Q80T

Samsung Q80T 49-inch is the best TV for bright room considering its appealing features. The screen reveals an exceptional display for streaming and playing with the 4K UHD Quantum dot technology and HDR support. The backlight further enhances the display performance by ensuring richer blacks and deeper whites.

Fine-tuned shades make everything on screen realistic and worth watching. Thanks to the Quantum dot technology integration, the color volume of billions of shades makes cinematic pictures, ensuring an immersive watching experience. In addition, the screen detailing is also breathtaking, with fine pixel response and rich color availability.

 Moreover, the rich connectivity makes the TV flexible to pair with several external devices. The back panel houses HDMI, USB, Ethernet ports, and of course, wireless connections with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also worth mentioning.

The slim yet stylish appearance of the Samsung smart TV blends in any living space and gives you a chance to add charm to the interior décor by mounting it on the wall. Besides, the built-in voice control support allows you to navigate, search or play content, change the channel, or customize the OS against your voice.


  • 4K UHD resolution
  • 4L Quantum processor
  • Alexa ready
  • Rich color production
  • Rich connectivity
  • Quantum Dot Technology
  • Smart TV platform by Tizen


  • Limited refresh rate

Best TV for Bright Room – Buying Guide

Purchasing a new TV for your home is no less than a stressful task as this device has to stay for long with you! Of course, you have to pay a handsome amount for the digitally equipped device with all the advanced features, so better look for the best one than regretting! Following are a few essential aspects that everyone should consider before getting his hands on the best TV for a bright room.

Display Brightness & Contrast

Brightness and contrast features are the crucial steps to look for prior to purchasing any TV for a bright room. Most companies, nowadays, are displaying unique anti-glare properties specially designed to protect your screen from excess brightness or sunlight. You would obviously stand among those wishing to acquire the best at an affordable price, so know that excellent light with balanced contrast is vital.

We have enlisted the top best TV brands that confidently display glare reduction features through big matte screens. These expressly designed screens play a primary role in distracting harmful sunlight and also saving your money. All in all, spend your amount on a TV showing enhanced brightness and improved contrast ratio.

OLED/4K Resolution/LCD/LED TVs          

There are different options available when obtaining a new TV with a lot of excellent features installed. Another big thing to consider should be the resolution. There is no doubt that all LED or LCD TVs can produce the best vibrant colors, but 4K resolution has its own significance! We would suggest you pick a brand that matches the OLED or 4K resolution feature at its best.

These high dynamic categories prove fantastic to present a broader contrast range, improved whites, and deep blacks. If we generally compare a smart OLED TV with a simple 4K TV, the former has more pixels; almost 33,177,600, which is great!

Advanced Technology

Now that you’ve decided either to choose a 4K TV or an OLED TV, the next step is to figure out all of its advanced features to make the TV worthy for you. Most people are Alexa and Google Assistant fanatics, so one latest technology would have to be this in your purchased smart TV. It will help you conveniently use the device for your bright room to change channels, watch favorite programs, or play/pause your most-liked music. Similarly, an ambient mode is another exceptional property besides the unique Amazon Echo Dot and local dimming features.

Several Connection Ports

Finding the best TV for a bright room also demands several connectivity ports, so you can comfortably connect any of your other devices with the TV whenever you want! Thus, it’s necessary to look for a brand that offers multiple HDMI and USB slots. This way, such TVs will let you connect themselves to game consoles and soundbars altogether. If you prefer our recommendation, we’d say to pick a TV supporting the Android version as it has multiple HDMI connectivity options with improved features that will be a perfect match for your bright room.

Again, these are a few of many prominent features that should and always be in the best TV for a bright room. It all depends on you and your preferences before buying a TV, being in an affordable range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is OLED good for a bright room?​

Yes, OLED TVs are good for the bright room when we check their healthy features. Such TVs require the least power, thus are environmentally favorable. Moreover, OLED TVs have good viewing angles and deep black levels, proving the best for your eyes.

What TVs have the best picture?​

We are exceptionally exhausted by our TVs. That is the reason we went through over checking that product for many hours and inspecting in excess of 40 TVs over the most recent a year. In doing as such, we assessed keen highlights, tried a lab for representation and ran applications to locate the top TVs accessible. Subsequent to testing many brilliant TVs, our preferred 4K model named as LG C9 OLED TV that has the best mix of audio and video, a genuinely shrewd television experience.

Is it worth buying a 4k TV?​

4K is one of those new alternatives. The quantity of 4K TVs has expanded lately. Costs have dropped for them as well. It began as a thought improving at getting 4K on 1080p. With every one of the alternatives accessible, the choice can be overpowering. Possibly we can help. Here is the manual 4K versus 1080p.

How do I choose a new TV?​

What is 4K TV? OLED justified, despite all the trouble? Shouldn’t something be said about OLED versus LED? The big deal: Which TV would it be advisable for you to purchase? We will likely demystify and improve. If you don’t have to know, we won’t let him know. In the event that the subtleties are basic however it stays great to know, we will show them. At last, we won’t know which TV is best for you. Be that as it may, you go, that is the entire thought.

How big a TV should I buy?​

With 4K 65-inch TVs turning into the standard, 70-80-inch models are accessible at increasingly moderate costs, making it hard to position your new TV. Actually, many people purchase another TV without stressing over the room wherein they will take a gander at the gathering, which can prompt a not exactly perfect experience when watching the best Netflix seasons.

What kind of TV is best for bright rooms?

There are generally two types of TV features adopted for bright rooms, i.e., QLED and OLED TVs. QLED plays a better role when choosing between both due to its enhanced brightness and quantum dot filter. So, such TVs are the best for bright rooms, that too in an affordable range.

Is QLED good for bright rooms?

The “Q” in QLED stands for Quantum-dot LED featured in the top best TVs for bright rooms. All big companies install QLED technology in their TVs because of its ability to produce the most luminous images, even for the rooms having several windows for sunlight. Hence, QLED proves to be good for bright rooms.

Can you watch OLED in a bright room?

Yes, we can watch OLED in a bright room as these TVs can get pretty bright, too, with a perfect blend of blacks and contrast. They have an extra advantage of being sleek and environment friendly by utilizing lesser energy. Most companies still prefer QLED over OLED as these have to use white light to present improved images additionally.

What TV works best in sunlight?

There are multiple factors to consider while buying a new TV, especially if you’ve to place it in a room facing sunlight. A TV has a good LED screen; be it OLED or QLED can work fine in sunlight. If you want to be more precise, QLEDs are a good option.

How do I stop my TV from reflecting?

It’s a straightforward concept of cutting light with light! So, yes! One of the most effective methods of reducing glare or preventing a TV from reflecting is to purchase a bright TV. Go for an option having 700+ nits that will efficiently work to minimize reflection. Moreover, you can also tilt your TV or change its angle to another side.

Are OLED TVs better for glare?

OLED TVs utilize an additional white light which helps to provide a diversity of colors with improved brightness and contrast. But to check what’s better for glare, QLED panels are preferred because of are exceptionally incredible to reduce flashes.

Is a Samsung TV best for bright rooms?

Samsung has been an excellent company, displaying its best products with multiple models presented for bright rooms. If you have a good budget, spend it on Samsung and buy its TV, specially designed for bright rooms with installed QLED panels.

What is the best 65 inch TV for a bright room?

Several different companies are in the market with their exclusive TV models, coming in various screen sizes. First, find out the brand you want to go with and then pick out its 65-inch screen. You may consider LG, Samsung, TCL, Sony, etc.

Which TV has the highest nits?

Having an increased number of nits means enjoying a TV with a lot of brightness. As you are looking for a TV best for bright rooms, search for the one with the highest nits. Samsung 65Q9 TV is so far now a model with maximum nits of 930.

Is OLED better than led for eyes?

OLED TVs have passed different flicker tests as reported by gaming and media publications, so till now, we consider that these TVs are better. Still, there are some eye fatigue issues observed while watching programs on OLED and LED screens.

Will OLED work in a bright room?

OLED screens can work fine for bright rooms due to providing the best brightness and contrast ratio. Comparing different TVs for darker rooms, LED screens are preferred.

Does LED or OLED have less glare?

OLED TVs are top on the preference list whether checking for their anti-glare properties, interface, energy consumption, or viewing angle. The “O” in “OLED” means organic, and these are far a better choice than LEDs.

Is OLED brighter than LED?

It has to be a big deal for smart technologies that LED screens are still performing brighter than the latest OLEDs. Brightness is a crucial factor when watching TV from a viewing angle, and here, LEDs play a beneficial role.

Is there a big difference between LED and OLED?

There are considerable differences between an LED and an OLED screen, but the major one lies in their pixels. OLED is self-illuminating, while the LED TV uses additional light to display bright pictures. Furthermore, OLED screens have a broader viewing angle than the typical LED screens.

Which screen is better for eyes, LCD or OLED?

Every television emits a certain quantity of blue rays or blue lights that ultimately affects one’s eyes. Everyone has a different perception of blue lights, so we cannot decide which screen is better. On an overall judgment and as per customer’s reviews, OLED screens are much better than LCD or LED TVs.

Which lasts longer, LCD or OLED?

If we generally see all smart televisions, no specific type has a particular life span. All televisions are equally reliable with the guarantee of a couple of years. Still, according to the LG, OLED TV screens have almost 100,000 hours of viewing span.

Do OLED TVs fade over time?

As the name “Organic Light Emitting Diode” indicates, its organic nature fades over time, depending upon the usage. On the contrary, QLED and LED TVs have better image retention with 10 on 10 display qualities. So we’d suggest you opt for QLEDs rather than organic LED TV screens.

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