Get yourself an excellent portable TV if you’re interested in experiencing the best outdoor tailgating party. Nowadays, different companies are launching small and portable TVs that you can instantly connect to stay alert of the latest scores without compromising on your ongoing party.

Such TVs are available in several screen sizes, different resolutions, and multiple connectivity technologies. We’ve kept all these important specs in mind and reviewed various products below. So, let’s get started.

List of the Best Portable TVs for Tailgating are as under.

  • SuperSonic SC-2812 12-Inch TV
  • Tyler 7-Inch Portable LCD TV
  • Trexonic 12-Inch Ultra Lightweight LED TV
  • Milanix 12.1-Inch Portable Widescreen LED TV
  • Jensen JTV19DC 19-Inch HD Ready Black LED TV
  • GJY 10.6-Inch Portable Digital TV

Best Portable TV for Tailgating Comparison Table 2022

1. SuperSonic SC-2812 12-Inch Portable Widescreen LCD Display

SuperSonic SC-2812 Portable Widescreen LCD Display with Digital TV Tuner
Brand NameSuperSonic
Model NumberSC-2812
Connectivity TechnologyHDMI

The Supersonic SC-2812 Portable Widescreen Display is among the most reliable TVs, perfect for tailgating. The company launched it with multiple pre-installed functions, so it is compatible with several devices at a time. The HDMI connectivity option lets many users connect their smartphones to the TV and enjoy watching their favorite items at a maximum of 720p.

Moreover, the LED backlighting feature with a 16:9 aspect ratio is the best to get under 100 dollars. Another remarkable feature is its ATSC digital tuner, letting the users enjoy television signals even in the North American region. Overall, SuperSonic is a great deal.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Large screen size
  • Good picture quality
  • Lightweight
  • Limited screen resolution

2. Tyler 7-Inch Portable LCD TV Monitor

Tyler 7 inch Portable TV LCD Monitor Rechargeable Battery
Brand NameTyler
Model NumberTTV701-7
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Tuner TechnologyNTSC, ATSC

These days Tyler TTV701-7 is standing among the best sellers in portability and handheld TVs. It is one cost-effective option for people looking to buy a decent TV for tailgating adventures. The company came forward to design this sleek, small-sized TV so even people sitting in cars or small dorm rooms can enjoy connecting it through the USB feature. 

Moreover, the TV can be used as a computer monitor to connect multiple devices, such as DVD Players, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and of course, the gaming consoles! Besides, TTV701-7 comes with a rechargeable battery that can be continuously used for four hours. The built-in stand, remote control, pre-installed speakers, and headphone jack add to its beauty!

  • Allows multiple connections
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to uses
  • Restricted battery life

3. Trexonic 12-Inch Ultra Lightweight LED TV

Trexonic Ultra Lightweight Rechargeable 12 inch LED TV With HDMI
Brand NameTrexonic
Model NumberTR-D12
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Connectivity TechnologyWireless

This TR-D12 by Trexonic is one fantastic choice under $150, arriving with a 12-inch LED screen, letting you enjoy the high-quality features in full swing. The lightweight and portable TV is specifically designed to make you comfortable even if you’re driving! We have found the best alternative for you to enjoy your weekend movie nights with a maximum 240 Hz refresh rate. The sleek design is another attractive feature, convincing tailgating lovers to buy it.

Moreover, TR-D12 comes with sturdy, adjustable stands to provide you with the best viewing angle. Hence, you can purchase this budget-friendly TV even for your tailgating purposes.

  • Good value of money
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Reliable functioning
  • LED widescreen
  • Low battery health

4. Milanix 12.1-Inch Portable Widescreen LED TV

Milanix 12.1 inch Portable Widescreen LED TV with HDMI
Brand NameMilanix
Mounting TypeTable Mount
Connectivity TechnologyVGA, USB, HDMI

Another under 110 dollar TV on our list is this Milanix 12.1-inch LED TV. This super slim device with a widescreen is efficiently portable, arriving with a digital tuner feature to immediately receive ATSC and NTSC signals. You can completely trust the TV as it has the best rechargeable battery. Be it the road trips, tailgate parties, camping, vacations, or indoor activities, Milanix proves to be the best for playing up!

In addition, it has a USB input for external AV connectivity, jacks for DVD players, and even a support gaming system. However, the company mainly designed portable devices for tailgating purposes. Get your hands on this masterpiece before it gets out of stock!

  • Several formats supported
  • Multiple inputs
  • Adjustable stand
  • High power antenna
  • Poor sound quality

5. Jensen JTV19DC 19-Inch HD Ready Black LED TV

Jensen JTV19DC HD Ready 19 Inch 12V DC RV LED TV
Brand NameJensen
Model NumberJTV19DC
Image Contrast Ratio3000:1

Want a portable TV with 1080p resolution for tailgating? We have this Jensen JTV19DC LED TV for you! This high-performance 16:9 LCD panel stands among the top picks, coming with a JCOM function in 16.7 million colors. The JTV19DC is uniquely designed to be more robust and aesthetic than the standard tailgating TVs.

Furthermore, it is among the first market TVs with rugged metal cabinets, strengthened for vibrations. Besides, Jensen made it function wirelessly with 12V operation and a slim profile, quickly attracting most users. What else do you demand?

  • Front-firing speakers
  • Convenient controls
  • Easy to use
  • Aesthetic and appealing design
  • No power inverter included

6. GJY 10.6-Inch Portable Digital TV

10.6 inch Portable TV,Digital TV
Brand NameGJY
Model NumberATSC-10.1 inch
Connectivity TechnologyUSB, HDMI
Controller TypeRemote Control

Another top pick for tailgating is this ATSC-10.1 inch portable digital TV, with a better effect near the window side. If you want to purchase a TV, highly portable to be even used for hiking, this one is for you! With its excellent rechargeable battery, you can continue enjoying your favorite programs wherever you are – be it in traveling, caravan, windstorm, power outage, hiking, etc.

Furthermore, the company supports several HD Video formats for convenient use, including mp3, mp4, JPEG, MPG, VOB, and DIVX. You can connect the external devices through USB and HDMI ports already installed in the TV. Overall, it’s a decent option to consider.

  • Value of money
  • Dual connectivity options
  • Remote control accessibility
  • Short battery life

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you watch TV while tailgating?

There are plenty of options to watch TV while tailgating, including setting it up in various ways. One can connect his hotspot to a smart TV, connect a digital TV antenna, install a satellite dish, or even process through screen mirroring. However, screen mirroring isn’t recommended much.

What do you need for tailgating?

What do you need for tailgating?
There are several tailgating essentials before you join a tailgate party. It’s just that it depends on what you would prefer! Below is a list of a few tailgating requirements that you might need?

• Inflatable coolers
• Portable power stations
• Camping table
• Bluetooth speakers
• Portable grill
• Paper towels
• Plates/bowls
• First aid kit

How do you get power for tailgating?

A typical tailgate requires 5000 watts or even more, so a portable generator would go perfectly for any tailgating experience! Get yourself a compact inverter generator and power your tailgate party. This lightweight generator is preferred over the traditional generator due to its lightweight and portability.

What do tailgating people do?

Tailgating is typically the result of passive aggression caused when the next person isn’t driving fast. Tailgating people are sometimes pretty dangerous and may express their rage by hitting your car. So, if you find someone giving you such signals, slow down your vehicle, or else call the police for help.

Is tailgating a crime?

Tailgating is illegal in one way or another, so yes, we can call it a crime! However, it isn’t easy to prove that the next person was tailgating in the U.S. states, as the laws do not have any set measurements of safe distance between two automobiles. The best option is to keep yourself away from such incidents and drive slowly.


Tailgating is pretty tricky, and if you’re one of those doing such adventures, we recommend you get the best TV connection. All products mentioned above are rechargeable and the best to use. Now it’s your turn to examine which one would perfectly match your requirements. Best of luck!

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