Hi, welcome to my blog; today, I’ll talk about ways to connect AT&T TV to  LG Smart TV. So you have a new LG Smart TV, but you can’t seem to get it connected to AT&T U-verse TV, don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

With some technical know-how, you can connect your AT&T TV apps to your LG Smart TV and Stream your on-demand services ranging from multiple channels.

In this post, I’ll show you the two fastest ways to enjoy AT&T TV services on your LG smart TV without hardware modification or installation of additional apps on either of your devices.

How To Watch AT&T TV On LG Smart TV

How to watch AT&T TV on LG Smart TV and enjoy the best video streaming quality? If that has been your question and worry for some time, then there’s a solution today.

One fast method is to watch AT&T on LG Smart TV by casting using a smartphone or a personal computer. Unfortunately, AT&T is a WebOS streaming service and does not support LG smart TV. However, we can cast using our phone or pc.

Many Owners of LG TV products want to stream their favorite AT&T programs/series on the LG Smart TV, but unfortunately, this service is unavailable with both providers. However, there are two simple ways to get AT&T on your LG Smart TV, and I’m going to show you below.

How To Cast AT&T TV On LG Smart TV Using Your Smartphone

It’s okay you have only a smartphone without a pc, and if that be your case, you don’t have to worry because, with your smartphone, you can start to enjoy high video streaming quality with AT&T, thanks to LG smart TV and its video qualities.

Casting on LG Smart TV using your phone is very easy five simple steps.

Step 1.           Connect your LG Smart TV to the same wifi connection with your smartphone

Step 2            Go to Google Playstore and Download the AT&T mobile App

Step 3.           Launch the AT&T App and log in with your credentials

Step 4.           Select any show you want to stream

Step 5.           Tap the “cast icon” at the top right corner of your screen

Step 6.           Select your LG Smart TV from the available devices

Step 7.           Enjoy unlimited shows from AT&T on your LG smart TV

How To Cast AT&T TV On LG Smart TV Using Your PC

Casting AT&T on LG Smart TV using your PC is the simplest thing to do without any technical know-how, and here, I’m going to show you how to easily cast your shows from AT&T to your LG Smart TV using just seven easy steps.

Step 1:           Connect both LG Smart TV and your PC to the same WiFi connection

Step 2:           Open Google Chrome browser on your PC

Step 3:           Open the DirectTV website (https://www.directv.com/)

Step 4:           Click on Sign In And login with your credentials

Step 5:           At the top right corner of your screen, click the three vertical dots

Step 6:           Click on Cast, and if you are connected to the same WiFi, you should see available devices

Step 7:           Select your LG Smart TV from available devices

Step 8:           Start streaming your desired show

Many people are looking for a way to watch AT&T TV through their LG Smart TV. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to incompatibility issues between AT&T U-Verse and LG Smart TV.

With AT&T U-verse TV, you can watch your favorite shows the way they were meant to be seen: in living color on a big screen, thanks to LG smart TV. Take advantage of these two fast and easy ways to bring your TV home today.

If you have carefully followed all the steps listed above for any methods (casting using smartphone or casting using PC), you can stream any live channel, on-demand content services, etc.

 If you’re still here, then it looks like you were able to figure out how to watch AT&T TV on your LG smart TV. The process is simple, and streaming over 100 live channels is a great perk. Give it a shot, and let us know how it works out for you.

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What Are AT&T TV Subscription Packages?

At the moment, AT&T offers four main plans for their subscription service to fit any entertainment lifestyle needs. The subscription package starts from $69.99 to $139.99 per month, depending on your needs.

  1. Entertainment Package – $69.99/month

This basic package gives you access to 65+ channels and on-demand content. The package includes TNT, HGTV, ESPN, and more.

  • Choice Package – $89.99/month

The choice package on DirecTV gives you access to more than 90+ channels, including premium channels and on-demand content. Some popular providers you enjoy here include Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and HBO Max.

  • Ultimate Package – $104.99/month

The Ultimate package includes special channels the same as the chosen package, such as Showtime, Starz, Epix, Cinemax, etc. It gives you access to 130+ channels.

  • Premier Package – $149.99/month

This is the most extensive package, providing you with 140+ channels for your top choice of entertainment and streaming. The package also offers some special channels free for the first three

months of your subscription.

What is the difference between Directv and AT&T TV?

I have been a DirecTV customer for over six years. I love the service. I have been satisfied with their prices and packages, but recently I was offered an AT&T Uverse promotion that included TV, Internet, and Phone for $99 per month for three years.

, This was about $30 cheaper than my current bill with DirecTV. The only catch was that the promotion is only available through AT&T. Since I am already a customer of AT&T Wireless, I decided to go ahead and try their TV service as well.

I did a lot of research online before making the switch, but there are few comparisons between the two services. So, what exactly is the difference between DirecTV and AT&T TV?**


The first difference is price. DirecTV costs about $30 more per month than AT&T TV. This makes sense since DirecTV is serviced by satellites while AT&T uses cables to deliver their TV signals.*

Service area

Another difference between DirecTV and AT&T TV is the service area. DirecTV covers all 50 states while AT&T TV only covers select areas in the US.*

Number of channels

Although the two companies are similar, there are some definite differences. For instance, Directv offers over 355 channels, whereas AT&T TV offers about 130. Direct also offers 3D programming, which AT&T does not. The best way to compare these two is to see what each one offers and choose the one that has everything you’re looking for.


There it is! Our quick and easy guide on how to watch AT&T TV on your LG Smart TV. I am sure you will find this article most valuable and relevant for your daily needs. Keep reading my blog, or better yet, follow me as I will share more awesome content about Television, LG Smart TV, AT&T, etc.!

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